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A Serious Caffeine Addiction

I’m an addict, I admit it. And, until last night, I’d been off caffeine for nearly two weeks. Then, while picking up …

My Sister-In-Law’s New Manicure

Yep, this one is a real photo, brought to you by the wonders of cell-phone cameras in emergency rooms. (Click “read more” …

Ok, That’s Just Nasty!

I was looking for a cool pen holder for my desk when I tripped across this femur version (bluck!) and that led …

Data Storage in Body Parts – Too Weird (and Slightly Frightening) Even for Me

Ok, forget my fascination with the thumbdrive, the Treo and all things tiny that give me data storage. Forget every single time that I’ve said “finger tip access” as a positive thing. Forget the fact that having a data source that was unable to be lost, while still remaining conveniently tiny, is a positive. Forget it all and realize that sometimes even technology goes too far.