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MX Records, Routers, and Stuck Emails, Oh MY!

I had a client with an interesting problem this week. Their T1 connection had gone down for a few hours and suddenly their emails were bouncing, being delivered to their webmail instead of siphoning through their onsite router, and life was just generally difficult for them. They were also no longer receiving their web-based forms email.

It took a bit of research (and calling in favors from some of my most talented fellow techies) to resolve the issue. These things are never as simple as they should be, are they?

In case it’s of any assistance to anyone else, I wanted to deconstruct the problem here… and share the solution.

Boosting Wi-Fi Signal in the RV Park – How to Build a Home-Made Wi-Fi Antenna

I’ve been able to get online with my laptop, while here on retreat. My father, on the other hand, … not so much. I’ve been a bit frustrated with the download speeds (read this as “impossible to download large files at all”) and I always am amazed/shocked to learn how dependent I am on the Internet. Five minutes doesn’t expire here at the camper without me having the urge to look something up, jot something down, send something out, or check on something on the Internet.

So, I was doing ok and had decent signal strength… until the RV slot next to us (and between us and the office where the wi-fi lives) filled up with our neighbor. Then, signal strength plummeted. We are lucky to get one or two bars (for those of you that know wi-fi meters).

Pops and I looked online for an antenna to help draw in the signal. We ordered one — one that was going to cost nearly $200, including the shipping and handling, but I was desperate. So I ordered it and paid extra for fast delivery. Today marked the SIXTH day since the order was placed, and still no antennae. So I called the company ( and they informed me that my antenna had not yet been sent!! It was on back order and they really couldn’t tell me when they would get the part they needed back in, nor did they bother to inform me of this at any time within the six days since I ordered it.


So Pop and I drove into town and he got a little creative. We ended up making our own for a fraction of the cost. Want to know how? Read on…

Remove Norton Spam Toolbar from Outlook 2003

Ok, after getting my pretty, shiny and incredibly fast new computer (to replace my ailing desktop replacement laptop), I’ve had a nagging problem with Norton’s program that came with the new computer.

Yeah, I was stupid enough to NOT remove Norton the second I set up the machine. I figured using it as it was would buy me 60 days of free coverage while I investigated other AV options, since I’ve not been happy with any I’ve tested thusfar.

What I ended up with was a blasted Norton Toolbar add-in for Outlook that couldn’t be removed. Until now!

How To Repair a Treo 650 — How Brave Are You?

Ok, I now have two Treo 650 handhelds. One is in perfect condition, one is a bit less pristine.

Although the old Treo seems to be working better every day (which is really weird and reminds me of the “self healing” chip article I just read in this month’s Wired Magazine), it’s still not perfect.

So, I’m looking at what to do with a broken Treo.

Photo Blogging with the Treo 650 on a GeekLog Site

I had some challenges determining how to blog from my Treo 650 to this site, my other blog sites and I had particular headaches trying to determine how to add photos to my blog from the road.

I just got in my second Treo 650 last night, and I’ll be busy getting it "tricked out" tonight, after business hours have ended.

In the meantime, I have determined how to overcome logon conflicts between the GeekLog system and the Treo 650.