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Satellite Radio (XM) For the Treo 700

Good news for those of you addicted to your satellite radio subscription… who have purchased the new Treo 700.

You can now have your cake and eat it too!

FINALLY! A PDF Viewer for Treo 650 that Works!

I’ve tried and tried… and tried to get the Adobe version of the PDF viewer to work without headaches.

I have failed.

But now, I’ve finally found the Best PDF viewer for my Treo 650 — and it’s FREE!

Treo 700 Begins Shipping Today! Reviews Hit on Treo 650 vs. Treo 700w (and Why I’m Not Planning to Buy the Treo 700)

The Treo 700w has now hit the market, one day after my post on no reviews being available. The good folks at TreoCentral have offered up a complete review with the pros and cons.

As expected, there is some tweaking yet to come to make it a dream machine — and it’s not being marketed as a Treo 650 replacement, but is rather trying to attract the Microsoft loyalists, according to the article.

The article is a whopper with a great amount of detail and particulars. I recommend it for anyone seriously considering which product to buy.

For instance, the author explains that the new Treo 700w is equipped to handle the faster Verizon connection speeds (something I really wanted to see) but sacrifices screen resolution (something I didn’t expect, but according to Ducker is a requirement of the Windows specs).

Working Out with Your Treo?!?!

Ok, it was difficult for me to determine the category for this post… I mean, is it BUSINESS to get in shape or is it fun?

I think I need a "none of the above" category — but others may consider it "fun" so I’ll stick with that topic header.

Now, if you have a Treo 650 or an iPod Video (what I got my hubby for Christmas) you can now view workout instructions on your tiny screen.

Treo 650 Boots Linux!

The folks at have uploaded photos proving that the Cingular Treo 650 can be forced to boot a Linux kernel.

Sooo… if you are a true geek (and even geekier than I am), you can try to beat the rumored release of Linux for the Treo and take the do-it-yourself approach.

Personally, I’d rather wait until the bugs are ironed out a bit more.

But if you want photos…