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Heading to Florida Next Week

Next Friday, I’m headed out the door to Florida. I made a promise to myself a few years ago that traveling was …

Preparing To Travel: Reducing the Size of My Office

This weekend, I got a wild hair. No big surprise for most of you, but it happens from time to time. I decided I needed to start arranging my office in the airstream to take up less space. Right now, the Airstream is only for my office, but in a couple years, it will be "shared space" when we hit the road. Between now and then, I need to determine how to get everything I need into a much smaller footprint. MUCH smaller.

Made it to Memphis

We arrived in Memphis just after 1:00 a.m. and after a few hours of sleep, we hit downtown today. I was looking forward to spending my birthday in Memphis and it was a wonderful day. Sushi for lunch (check out BlueFin if you are ever in town — or if you are looking for a great place to eat while at the NCMR2007 conference.)

My sister and new nephew came down with me, so I had excellent company on the trip and have had fun out and about today. It’s much better than flying solo. Ezra, now at the ripe old age of four months, was a real trouper. We kept that poor baby out and about all day long. He seemed to love it. Tomorrow, the two of them will be doing her own thing while I’m in sessions.

And the Year is Off to a Shaky Start

This WAS the year that was supposed to be less stressful, right? This was gonna be THE year for me… wasn’t it? So how come we are already past the one week mark and I’m still playing catch-up?

So far, almost everything that could go wrong HAS gone wrong. My Tablet started acting up, so I spent last weekend (and much after-hours time yesterday) getting it back from a ground-floor regen in preparation for my upcoming trip. My Hubby’s birthday was nearly ruined when I left the grocery store with only half of the bags I purchased… leaving the jumbo shrimp splurge for his dinner in the self-checkout lane. (Note to self: when stressed out, let someone else ring up my groceries, so I’m sure I get my goods in my basket after paying for them.)

Living the Simple Life: The Perfect Collection for the Minimalist and Traveler

Sometimes it’s hard not to “collect” things. I’ve had a few bouts with that problem myself over the years. But, I have found the perfect solution, and thought I’d take a moment to share.

If you want a way to remember special events, to ensure that people who want to give you gifts only buy token ones, an easy-to-carry souvenir from any trip and all your travels, and you don’t want to fill your house doing it… consider what I’ve done:

My "New to Me" Latest Toy is a Classic Airstream — Destined to Become… A High-Tech Mobile Office!!!

Ok. I’d planned to wait to announce. But I can’t wait any longer. Patience has never been one of my virtues — ask anyone who knows me. I wanted to get the new website up and running and do the announcement there… but the excitement has taken over! I now have my dream machine! A "new to me" 1974 25-foot Airstream! And she’s sooooo pretty!

Whoo-Hoo! *dancing about the room*

This little baby, aptly named "Serenity" will be transformed over the next few months to a full time office and will later be taken on the road for full mobility and functionality. I simply can’t wait! Those Joss Wheldon fans among my readers will recognize the reference of my new mobile office’s name. The rest… go watch the series FireFly. (It’s great!)

The Best Days so Far: Riding, Research and Writing

Saturday was my day to write and I did just that. I went up in the trails around Shavano and I rode the four-wheeler as high as I could, until the snow banks blocked my path completely. Then I just absorbed the surroundings a bit. Once saturated, I started back down the path I’d traveled.

Every time I saw an inspiring spot, I’d stop and pull out my pencil and notebook and write until the words quit coming. Then, I’d hop back on the 4 wheeler and descend a bit more until I saw my next inspiring spot…