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Open Source Education: Wave of the Future? Hope So!

What if the current problems I’m always ranting about in the public education system in Kentucky were suddenly gone? What if there was a way to provide an excellent online alternative and what if that alternative was free?

Consider the current new wave of "open source education" options online…

Sims Launches New Mobile Friendly Line of Games

EA Games has just announced a new mobile-friendly game, based on the famous Sims2 model. The company has announced three games, marketed under the umbrella of Sims Life Stories.

The first one is called Life Stories, is due out in February. The second, Life Stories Pets is due out this summer. The third is the one I most anticipate (probably because I’m such a huge “Lost” fan) called Castaway Stories.

But what do I look forward to most with this new offering?…

What’s on My Tablet PC: The Essential Programs

I just finished the fairly daunting task of rebuilding my Tablet PC.

When I bought it, I spent months doing what I do… pushing the limits and trying out everything. Now, I needed to fix the damage done by installing and uninstalling a plethora of programs — I needed to regen the system for the new year.

Now that the task is mostly complete (I still have to install some small things that will undoubtedly bite my butt over the next few days — there always is).

I thought that some other new Tablet PC owners — or those contemplating owning a tablet — may be interested in what I have running on mine and what I consider essential.

Sims 2 Pets Plays Flawlessly on Tablet PC!

Ok, I did it. While I was working on another computer, I converted the
Sims 2 Pets expansion pack to a virtual CD (using Virtual Drive 9.0).
Now, I have a great little smooth-running copy of Sims 2 Pets running
on my Tablet PC.

(read more…)

Tablet Tools: Great (FREE!) Template Resource for OneNote Users

I’ve been hoarding a great little site that helps me to get any template I may ever need for OneNote… and it’s time to bring it out of the closet.

I tripped across this site several months back, but it took awhile to determine how to convert this “paper lovers” site from a “print it out on your printer and stick it in your paper organizer” resource to a digital resource to use with my own Tablet PC and my OneNote program.

Here’s how…

Making Adobe More Tablet Friendly: How to Use Ink to Edit, Mark-Up, Secure and Send Your PDF Files

The way my Adobe came packaged (version 7.0 Professional), it’s not particularly “Tablet PC Friendly.” I want to be able to “mark up” a PDF with my stylus the same way I would mark up a paper copy with a red ink pen.

As a writer and a marketing specialist, my clients often send me documents and marketing materials in PDF format for my review. And, when mobile, it’s the format I prefer. But it’s not that simple to mark up these PDFs and send them back to a client with recommendations with a stylus. And, it should be!

I noticed, while cruising over at JKOnTheRun, that there are programs especially designed for Tablet users who want this functionality.

In particular, they mentioned PDF Annotator: ( If you don’t have the full version of Adobe, I�m sure this thing would be worth its weight in gold (and the fairly hefty price — $50–for a small piece of software that serves only one function.)

But, with my current sizable investment in the Adobe Software, I wanted to figure out how to do the same thing with existing software. I hate having duplications in software functionality. It’s wasteful!

And, I’m happy to report, I found the way…

The Best Firefox Extensions, Addons and Extras

Foxfire Logo

I love Firefox. I despise IE. I use IE only long enough to ensure that my own webs and my client’s site resolve properly using that browser. Then, lickety-split, I’m back to FireFox where I can browse in tabs, where I can worry less about security issues, where I can customize my browser to serve me the way I work, and where I can be a part of a community of software developers and users that create objects for their peers. It’s a geeky community, but an enjoyable one.

Yeah, I know the new IE 7.0 offers its own "tabbed" browsing, but they are too late to this party, IMHO.

I could wax poetic about Firefox for hours (I’m verbose that way, at times…)

But, rather than doing that, I thought you may be interested in what Firefox add-ons I use and why I love them. That way, if you want to give Firefox a spin, you will know some of the bells and whistles you can add. And, if you already adore Firefox, you can peruse a list of "must have" add-ins that are tried and true (and won’t crash your Internet sessions).

  1. Want to know all the cool stuff that the new release offers (for those of you that have an old release, or those that have never used Firefox)?Get the Scoop Here!
  2. Want to give it a spin? Download the latest release Firefox 2.
  3. Want to waste about six hours of your life reviewing all the widgets you can get that will customize the devil outta your own copy of Firefox? Visit the add ons Page.

Or, perhaps… you would prefer to see some of the top Ad ons — the ones I’ve tried and found to be true? Well here they are…

Tablet PC: Is It A Replacement for My Old Treo?

I’m mulling over my current cell phone bill and I’m wondering… was it a good idea to give up the Treo and go with a separate phone and my Tablet PC? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ll never give up my Tablet PC. It will have to be pried from my cold fingers… ahem… unless something cooler and better and faster and smaller comes along in the near future… but I digress.

The fact is, I could check my email and do a bit of web surfing on the Treo for $19.00 per month (with Cingular). And now, I’ve got to have this MEGA dataplan to use my Tablet PC from anywhere.

I prefer the Tablet PC. I like the full screen, the ability to actually do work on that full screen and to maintain a size ration as well as a complete program pack that’s identical to the one I use at the office, even when I’m not at the office. I love not having to sync things. I love having this system set up so that my Tablet PC is my main machine, with a server at the office and a 500 gig hard drive that can either reside on my desk in Serenity or travel with me in a laptop bag for longer journeys.

But the cost… whew!