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I’m Addicted to Bags and Boxes and Containers, Oh MY!

Ok, I admit it. I’m a bag addict. I like boxes too. Containers, that’s my thing. Things that hold stuff turn me on. I’m not into typical “girly” things. I don’t particularly care about shoes … although once or twice every five years a pair will really catch my eye. The rest of the time, they are purely functional. If they don’t rub, don’t squeak, don’t cause me issues and aren’t terribly ugly — they are good shoes.

The three most important C’s of my existence could be summed up as: Communication, Companionship and Containers. Yup, that just about covers it. I don’t like owning alot of stuff, but I sure want to have a cool container to hold what stuff I do have.

Clothing is a simplified undertaking for me now. I’ve narrowed and honed and discarded to the point that it’s no longer a big deal. The biggest “turn on” for me in the closet is finding something that feels good, looks good, goes with everything AND is machine washable. Yeah, I’m a real clothes horse, huh?

But bags… OMG! I love “go bags” — not the typical purses that most women want. I STAY completely infatuated with the idea of finding the PERFECT purse and the PERFECT “go bag” for my geeky stuff. I can spend hours… I HAVE spent hours… looking at and and several other .com locations for the perfect bags with the perfect proportions to carry everything I need in a neatly organized and easy-to-find fashion. I look for something that won’t break my back while toting my portable office, and I look for a purse that won’t be too big, or too small. I’m like the Goldilocks of the handbag world.

It’s That Time of Year… Tech Bug Bites Me HARD!

Around this time every year, I buy a new computer. I wear mine out. Literally. I didn’t have to buy one last year because the desktop replacement laptop I had died and my warranty covered a brand new system. So I lucked out (if having your system die can be considered good luck.)

Hey, I always look for the silver linings — and I always keep a good, up-to-date backup! ;o)

But this year, I’m thinking more about how I use my computer, how I WANT to use my computer and where the technology IS at this moment in time. For several years, I’ve opted for an all-in-one system. A high-powered laptop with desktop features — so I could take one computer with me and have all my "stuff" with me too.