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Local Search Matters to Mobile Folks

As the competition increases for marketshare on the world-wide-web, the local folks are carving out their own piece of this pie. How about your website? Does it compete on the local level? It should.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Real Estate Sites

Warning… the following is a RANT… with a few useful tips.

Overall, I love working with real estate agents. They are great clients, willing to try new things, and my own clients tend to be rather tech-savvy — or they want to be tech savvy — and are willing to learn. That’s all well and fine. It makes me happy.

But when they come to me after an "SEO expert" has reworked their index page and "bumped up" their rankings by skewing alt tags into a useless dumping ground for keywords, when a list of totally unrelated links appears at the bottom of the page (that just happens to be full of keywords), when there is no text, when they believe that a flash intro won’t hurt their rankings, when they opt for images instead of text, when they assume that it has to be ugly to spider well, or pretty to capture the visitors eye (without content) — I simply want to scream!

Much Hoopla About the “Real Estate Bubble”and Search Trends

Apparently the general public is begining to get concerned that the current trend in real estate will come to a dramatic end in the near future, leaving them holding an expensive property worth less than they paid.

I heard a radio show a couple weeks ago (I think it may have been NPR’s Market Place) discussing how far above the current rate of inflation the values of properties have climbed. And suddenly after scrambling for houses because of the low interest rates, people are beginning to worry. After months of making offers well above the asking price in many markets, people are beginning to rethink the wisdom of the “gold rush” mentality on the housing front. An apparent shortage in available housing for sale in comparison to the public demand caused a bit of nutty behavior in some markets. And it all leaves me asking — where are all the people coming from that are buying houses now? How can we possibly have a shortage when I see new developments whenever I take a short drive?

My real estate clients say that it’s because more people who were renters are now buying. That makes sense, but around here, even rentals are in high demand and low supply!

Anyway, the Internet trends company says that the data on search trends and consumers’ online behavior indicates that not only the pundits are concerned. Your neighbors are worried too (those that still live in those houses). [more]

Keyword Conundrum

Keyword density is just part of the SE equation, and the SEs are just a portion of any online marketing push… but this is the one that makes a writer crazy…