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Google and Yahoo! Dabble in Real Estate Listings

Most of you have probably heard of — even played with — the new Yahoo! Real Estate Search Tool, but I’d be willing to bet that very few of you have seen a "sneak peak" of the new Google Real Estate tool.

It’s still in what I’d call "pre-alpha" — although I have no idea what the Google developers are calling it — and has been discovered via the back end by some people so geeky they make me look chic!

Google Going Nuts

Google’s most recent update, dubbed “Big Daddy” has left the folks over at complaining and comparing horror stories. And they are not alone…

Superbowl Ads ( or Superbowl Adds ) in Online Searches

I’ve had so many hits lately on searches for “Superbowl Adds” that hit this site since my blog on the local MSN video search entitled “Wanna Watch the Superbowl XL from the Sky?? Local Live Adds Detroit to the City List” went live. Since it’s so easy to hit that “d” twice on a keyboard, I decided to help those visitors looking for Superbowl ads. Here’s where you can view them online or… on your iPod (of course!)…

George’s Goons Go After Google…

You gotta love it… the Bush administration is making another full frontal attack (pun intended) on American’s privacy — this time under the guise of protecting children from porn. The "federal government is trying to force Google to reveal all searches conducted in a one-week period, as well as records for 1 million Web addresses" according to an article released today by

How Do I Create Rollover Alt Tags for Mozilla’s FireFox Browser?

As a Foxfire convert, I only open IE when I must — and I usually begrudge any website that requires me to change from Firefox to IE.

With that said, I’ve also missed the opportunity to see the alt tags with a mouse "rollover" on websites using Firefox. To see the alt tags on most sites when using my FireFox browser, I have to right click on an image and select "properties" to see the alt tag text.

But, today, I tripped across a design approach that will fix this problem.

Microsoft Releases the Beta of Windows Live Local

After all the hubbub over Google’s satellite earth imagery product… MS has launched the beta of their own local, imagery product in certain locations (one of which is right here in Kentucky… in Lexington). I used the bird’s eye view to zoom into my past — and found the apartment where I lived when I met Wayne (we met back in college) just off the University of Kentucky campus on Conn Terrace.

I can’t help but think of the wonderful applications of this newcomer technology to the real estate market — want to get a "birds-eye" view of the neighborhood you are considering as a first time home-buyer? Why not use a link on your favorite agent’s site to zoom into the area?

If you want to add a bit more "umph" to your website, maybe you will want to investigate how to link in key locations. It’s just been released today, so I don’t have the technical info on how to accomplish this, but it will only be a matter of time before it’s a "given" for the higher-tech, higher service-oriented real estate websites, IMHO. It seems to zoom in a bit closer than the Google Earth does — great for real estate agents and brokers, eh?

Want to see it for yourself….

Real Estate Websites Taking a Nose-Dive in Google

Well, it’s finally started to happen. I’ve been telling my clients for many, MANY months to be more careful with their use of gratuitous links and spamming the search engines (in particular Google) through these methods. I’ve been expecting the blast to happen in the last three or four rounds of algorithm changes for Google, and I’m honestly disappointed that it hasn’t happened sooner. But, that tide is now turning, finally.