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New beginnings

I started watching the TV series October Road today. One of my favorite quotes from the pilot (loosely translated) is: Only a …

Quote Karma

Today, while working on a newsletter, I went in search of a perfect quote to verbally "illustrate" a story’s concept. I love searching for quotes. I love collecting quotes. But today, I found a handful of quotes that, taken together, pretty much sum up my professional stance, beliefs and my view of my work. Some of them sound very much like sentences I’ve uttered in the recent past, others are awesomely new in delivery (like the one on an entrepreneur).

I call it "quote karma" and I wanted to share…

A Quote Too Good NOT to Share

I think I’ve found my new mantra… in the form of an E.B. White quote. I tripped over this quote while blog hopping this morning. It fits my view on how life should be and explains why some days (like today) seem to be so dang difficult!

Descent Is Faster and More Enjoyable than the Climb

Go figure, it’s more fun (and much easier) to come down the mountain than it is to climb up. Yesterday (Sunday), Pops and I took a couple hours to climb and explore a nearby trail. It was pretty pathetic going up…

Walk a hundred yards, huff and puff for five minutes… walk 50 yards, huff and puff… walk 200 yards then get winded and have to stop for five minutes. Needless to say, it took awhile to get up. We walked up the trail — a fairly comfortable incline, despite the “huff and puff” episodes — for just over an hour and a half. I took photos (of course) and added them to my Colorado Photo Blog. The sights were really nice going up…

This and That

This week, Wicked Blog logged over 100,000 hits!!! (I’m so proud!) And I’ve also been picked up on a couple friendly blogger channels. Now, if only I could find a visitor-friendly solution to better managing the drive-by blog spamming!

I’ve posted a new section over on Wicked Treo which features interviews with real estate agents using a Treo and Miguel Berger of is my first interview. He’s as impressed with the tool he’s found in his Treo 650 as I am in mine!

Jodi Diehl of has proposed a PHP page program method which may allow me to bypass the login issues between GeekLog and the Treo, so I can blog while I’m on my trip to Colorado next month. This is the one thing I don’t like about having the site and Wicked Blog on the GeekLog system. I’ll post over on the Wicked Treo site if it works, for anyone else trying to blog on GeekLog from a Treo device.

I tripped across an interesting quote that, I just have to share after my post on fingernail data storage research —


Interesting Point on the Topic of Teenagers

My husband is brand new to the practice of parenting and has been ‘thrown to the lions’ because he went from bachelor to parent of TEENS by uttering the simple words �I do� � and yet he made an interesting (and enlightened) statement yesterday.

High School Reunion

I attended my 20 year high school reunion this weekend. Even TYPING that makes me feel old.