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Soft-Hearted Husbands and Other Issues

Yesterday morning, my husband walked into my office, kissed me on the forehead and said “I love you.” Now that doesn’t seem all that odd, he’s often sweet like that. I’m a lucky woman.

But this morning, I looked up in his face and immediately knew something was wrong. So I replied, “I love you too, what’s wrong?” And the next words out of his mouth are those guaranteed to horrify any good wife… he said…

“Promise you won’t be mad at me?” His face had disaster written all over it and my heart sunk.

Angela’s Sugar Glider Food Recipe

I’ve decided to post my recipe for food for pet sugar gliders. I developed
the recipe when I was suspect of the artificially colored options, and
worried that the little guys were not getting what they needed,
nutritionally, from the commercial varieties available.

I supplement
this easy to make, at-home version of glider food with fresh
(non-chlorinated, non-chemical) water, and a variety of fresh fruits
(organic varieties), and some seeds and nuts. Apparently they are doing
well with it… and they seem to really enjoy it (they wipe it out!)…

We Have a New Arrival! Sugar Glider Baby Boy

We have a new arrival. Although he’s been around for awhile, we didn’t see him “out of pocket” and cruising around until this weekend. I wanted to share a photo of the little guy here:

More Marsupials Join the Family – Sugar Glider Tales (or is it Tails?)

Wayne and I got our sugar gliders on the same day — the day before his birthday.

His, Nimetz (aka "stinky") is an overly active — ok, HYPERACTIVE, little thing that dashes about like his tail is on fire.

Mine, Trinity, is a doll.

She’s calmer than Nimetz, and is MUCH quieter than Sheena (aka "Noisy"). She enjoys sitting on my desk, cuddled in her pink furry hat, while I work. She occasionally explores things on the desktop, or hops on my shoulder or even climbs my hair like a mountaineer attempting Mt. Everest — arriving safely on my crown before repelling back down to my shoulders. While active, she’s not spastic and seems to have warmed up to me immediately.

The Ultimate Mobile Pet: Sugar Gliders

I’m all about the mobility, about keeping things small, about living within your means, about portability… and my family now has the ULTIMATE small, amazing, adorable pet… a sugar glider.