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Real Estate Client Question: What is "Work Product" and If I Outsource, Who Owns the Work?

Work product is the result of work. It’s that simple. When hiring work done by a Remote Professional, �work product� is the end product of that contracted labor. That may be a website, an article, a database, a marketing plan, a business plan, a logo, or anything else you pay to have produced. Once you have paid for the work done, the work belongs to you, not the person doing the work.

Exceptions to this general rule may apply if you sign a contract assigning rights to the work product to the contractor. You may be working with an individual who requires this, but this is not the “norm.” Most professionals understand that work or hire means that the end result belongs to the person (or business) hiring the work done and paying for that work. Some contractors will offer a reduced rate if they can link their business to your work product through display in an online or offline portfolio. To do so, they must have a contract which states that they have that right, or you must give them the right to do so.

[more] Partners Launch Members-only Expert Outsourcing Network

Jodi Diehl of and Angela Parker of, saw a growing need for a high-caliber network of remote professionals. With over 11 years as independent offsite professionals and over five years in leadership roles in a non-profit virtual assistant organization,
these partners knew first-hand the difficulty of locating highly specialized professional outsourcing providers.

Yesterday, the two solved this problem with the launch of
This membership-only expert network is the first of its kind for independent providers in the outsourcing community.


Is Running a Remote (Outsourcing Services) Business Easier Than a Brick and Mortar?

I’m going to share a post here I made on on the topic of virtual vs. brick and mortar businesses. I know that many people are interested in working in this manner — especially those who have just learned about the concept. A couple years ago, I was president of an international organization for these virtual workers and even now people interested in virtual assistance still contact me.

So, I thought I’d share my own take on the topic of outsourcing, virtual assistance, offsite specialists and remote professionals. You pick the phrase you prefer. I like Remote Professional and Offsite Specialist myself. ;o)

Now on to the topic : Is it easier to run remote business than it is to run a traditional, brick and mortar one, the answer is —


Who owns my rights?

Controversy over the right to use and distribute freelance content by others is becoming more interesting and more convoluted by the day. According to a recent article in the January-February 2005 issue of Information Highways magazine, the courts in Canada are making huge strides to protect the copyrights of freelancers.

On the flip side, according to the editor of that publication, a recent change in the standard freelance contract overcomes those rights. I find it interesting that freelancers are being asked (at least by this one company) to turn over their rights in such an all-encompassing way…

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Parker Named Editor of IVAACast

Angela Allen Parker of was recently named Managing Editor of the IVAACast Monthly Newsletter, a professional trade publication for Virtual Assistants …