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Domains for Sale

I’ve let my "domains for sale" list get a bit stale, so I thought I’d take a few moments to update the collection.

A few new additions to my "for sale" collection include:

Virtual Assistant Resources

While "cleaning house" on my hard drive today, I found a list of VA resources. Since these are not recently compiled, some links may not work.

Entrepreneurs Just Want to Stay Home

I love working in my home office and apparently I’m not alone. In a recent survey by Yahoo HotJobs… 18% of those planning on changing jobs in the next 12 months were doing so because of the commute.

Hmmm… My commute is only a few steps. How’s yours?

The report, quoted in a recent article on states that 40% of the individuals surveyed plan to find another job in the next year, and 21% of them are already looking.

Funny, many of the other reasons for dissatisfaction with the current employment situation are remedied by the entrepreneurial path — with the notable exception of having a better compensation package. Of course, maybe I’m just not looking hard enough for a good small-business and AFFORDABLE health care option.

The reasons sited for the desired employment change include:

Palm To Exhibit at NAR

Are you headed to the NAR conference this week? Want to learn a bit more, “hands-on” with a Treo? You might want …