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Feeling Healthier Again

The reason I’ve been rather quiet (relatively speaking) for the last few months has been due to several health issues that surfaced. I don�t like to blog about bad stuff that�s personal � especially not when I�m in the throes of a personal battle.

With that said, I’m feeling MUCH better now, I’m back to work full-force and I’m not feeling guilty for feeling like crap and being unable to do much. NOW I can finally blog about it.

My husband was awesome, as were my kids, and even my clients were understanding (I never thought anything would ever slow down my work!)

With all that said, the Doctors and the over $5K of tests and exams, blood analysis, CT scans, X-rays, EKG’s, ultrasounds, ad nauseum were unable to find anything. The solution was to put me on medications, and then more medications.

Now, I don’t believe in medications, never have. I don’t even take ASPRIN! I’m not accustomed to being “sick” and I firmly believe that most people get SICKER, not better, when they use medications.

During this bout where I was desperate to feel better, to quit having the dizzy spells, to get rid of the swelling, the joint pain, and all the other many symptoms, I agreed to go on meds. Mistake. HUGE mistake.