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Want To Know Why I Refuse to Buy Regular Meat? An Organic, Human (and Humane) Approach to My Food Supply

Many of my family and friends don’t understand why I pay more for organic foods. I just don’t want all those extra chemicals in my body. The entire family was organic for awhile, but my husband and the children didn’t want to be JUST organic, so they have re-joined the mainstream. I have not. I avoid food that isn’t chemical free, and when I find myself in a situation where I must eat what’s not organic, I select those items which involve the fewest pesticides, additives and other chemicals.

People who have been to the store with me are often amazed that I’ll spend so much for a dozen eggs in order to get free-range, cage free, no antibiotic-laden eggs. They also don’t understand why I pay so much per pound for the small amount of meat that I do still consume. I only buy from farmers dedicated to animal well-being and those who don’t use preventative antibiotics and chemical laden food supplies for their herds, flocks, etc. I prefer grass-fed and free-range. I’m not a zealot. I love meat. But I believe that quality of life should be a priority and the end of life — all life — should be as humane as possible. Period.

I just found a video on the meat industry that helps me to explain my views — not only from a health standpoint, but also from a humane standpoint. If you want to view the video, be forewarned that it’s graphic and unsettling. With that said…

Angela’s Sugar Glider Food Recipe

I’ve decided to post my recipe for food for pet sugar gliders. I developed
the recipe when I was suspect of the artificially colored options, and
worried that the little guys were not getting what they needed,
nutritionally, from the commercial varieties available.

I supplement
this easy to make, at-home version of glider food with fresh
(non-chlorinated, non-chemical) water, and a variety of fresh fruits
(organic varieties), and some seeds and nuts. Apparently they are doing
well with it… and they seem to really enjoy it (they wipe it out!)…

The Effects of Organic Food and Typical American (Junk) Food on Children

Yesterday, we went to my sister-in-laws for the holiday meal. We took a broccoli and beef dish, zucchini with pepper jack cheese, a vegetable muffin with cashews and Hubby’s famous pasta salad (a regular recipe and an organic one he made for us).

Alex and I ate only the organic versions, as usual. Hubby (also as usual) sampled some of the typical fare. He usually eats organic with us, but occasionally eats regular food when he’s out. He doesn’t go nuts, though. Since we have started eating organic, he says he only really misses two things — bread and ham. I bake bread occasionally, but he’s SOL on the ham (simply out of luck, that is). So he ate ham at dinner.

He and Alex hated missing out on ice cream, so we got a machine and I make vanilla from organic cream and milk with organic vanilla and local honey.

We pack Alex’s lunch so she doesn’t eat the crap at school — have you SEEN the lunch menus lately?!?! And my seven-year-old reads the labels on her food herself and if she can’t pronounce it, or if she doesn’t know what it is, she doesn’t eat it. It’s pretty amazing.

Anyway, there’s the background and after Thanksgiving dinner, we went to visit my friend, Daphne. A member of her family was seriously ill and in the hospital in Lexington. Alex wanted to stay with Daphne and I said no. So she (*being a 7-yea-old girl who had not had dessert on Thanksgiving*) said she wanted to stay and eat the food she really wanted with Daphne, not the old organic junk I made her eat…

It Feels Like Winter

Cold weather makes me take a moment to think about life. Life is good. This morning, when I got up (from a toasty-warm bed), it was cold in the cabin. Quite a chill hung in the air.

Then my husband got up and said "Want a fire? Are you cold?" and immediately began the wood-burning stove ritual to get a blazing fire roaring.

Life is good.

Found a Great Healthy (and Organic) Snack for the Office

I’ve been doing the natural foods/organic deal for quite a few weeks now. And the hardest thing has been the “snacks” to tuck away near my desk for that 3:00-4:00 p.m. “slump” that I hit.

I think I’ve finally found what will work — a little organic combination of goodies!

Organics, Toxins and Safe Products that Work

I’ve gone organic. After substantial health issues, it only makes sense to "cleanse" my system and go with products that are less toxic than the mainstream.

It’s harder than one might imagine, but it has its own rewards.

I’m eating more deliberately. And, I’m even looking at such items as household cleaners, cosmetics, bath and body care with a more critical eye.