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Media Reform, Net Neutrality, and YOU

I have a few ideas for your consideration:

  • What would you say if, suddenly, you could no longer access the sites you like to visit? What if you were automatically redirected to a "similar" site without your knowledge or permission?
  • What if your own site was no longer visible on the web or if it took MUCH longer to load your site than to load others?
  • What if every search query typed in for real estate your area came back with a single franchise — the competition’s and you had no way to change that because they had an exclusive agreement with the ISP/Host/Search Engine providers in your area?

Sound impossible? It’s not….

MX Records, Routers, and Stuck Emails, Oh MY!

I had a client with an interesting problem this week. Their T1 connection had gone down for a few hours and suddenly their emails were bouncing, being delivered to their webmail instead of siphoning through their onsite router, and life was just generally difficult for them. They were also no longer receiving their web-based forms email.

It took a bit of research (and calling in favors from some of my most talented fellow techies) to resolve the issue. These things are never as simple as they should be, are they?

In case it’s of any assistance to anyone else, I wanted to deconstruct the problem here… and share the solution.

All the BlackBerry Hubbub Surrounding Treo

It amazes me that now that the Mobile windows has now discovered the Treo, and has announced a windows based project for next year, that the BlackBerry software folks are also jumping ship over the the Treo. BlackBerry does a great job with email, but they stumbled a bit when they added voice. Treo does it better, collectively speaking.

I must admit I never expected this response from what I always considered to be the stiffest competition for Treo — BlackBerry and Windows Mobile products.