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Media Reform, Net Neutrality, and YOU

I have a few ideas for your consideration:

  • What would you say if, suddenly, you could no longer access the sites you like to visit? What if you were automatically redirected to a "similar" site without your knowledge or permission?
  • What if your own site was no longer visible on the web or if it took MUCH longer to load your site than to load others?
  • What if every search query typed in for real estate your area came back with a single franchise — the competition’s and you had no way to change that because they had an exclusive agreement with the ISP/Host/Search Engine providers in your area?

Sound impossible? It’s not….

Just a Few Thoughts About Life In America

Ok, I’ve been doing alot of thinking lately…

The conference planted a few new seeds, but mostly it fertilized the seeds already planted in my mind. And the vines are becoming dark and twisted. I’m getting mad… mad as hell, to use an overused (but extremely accurate) phrase…

Geena Davis and Women’s Roles in Children’s Media

Last night, I saw Geena Davis. Cool enough all by itself, but I found her to be an impressive speaker with an interesting message. I’ve never been much of a feminist — perhaps because I live in a time and in a country where I can do mostly what I want without worry.

But she made me think about a few things. About how women are portrayed to our children. As the mother of a 9-year-old, this rang a little more loudly than it may have otherwise. Her examples were matter-of-fact, entertaining, engaging and leave me still thinking about it this morning. For instance…

FCC Panel Session with Copps and Adelstein

I thoroughly enjoyed the session with the FCC commissioners. I genuinely related to these individuals in the panel presentation and Q&A format in the morning session. And I wasn’t alone. During one of the responses by Copps, I heard a female voice behind me say, “I love this guy, can we hang out with him?”

I couldn’t agree more. I’d love the opportunity to have lunch with these three individuals. Pro-public access, openly vocal about the problems with the current system — even the FCC itself — they are endearingly honest and openly frustrated… and yet they keep working.

FCC Representatives Speak Out in Memphis

This morning, I picked up the news releases on the presentations last night by FCC Commissioners Michael J. Copps and Jonathan Adelstein.

Since these releases have the full body of the speeches that the two made at the National Conference on Media Reform event, I thought I’d share it with those of you who are interested, but were unable to attend the conference.

Lighting My Match: Making the Concept of Net Neutrality More Accessible for Small Business Owners

When I returned from my blogging lunch (in comparison to a working lunch), I attended a speech by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. I’d just managed to wrap my mind around what I could do as a single person for this cause when he urged the audience to “light a match” explaining that in a room of darkness, a single match throws out alot of light.

I must agree…

In an effort to light my own match, I started working to gather more effective tools I need to explain the issues to my own “sphere of influence” when I return from Memphis.