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It’s St. Patty’s Day!

This is, hands down, my favorite holiday. Has been for years. But today, being away from home and having this HUGE conversion …

Word of the Day Describes My Life

Today’s “word of the day” on my Google page is “Galumph.” What a fabulous word! And how timely! It describes my mood, …

Portable Master Client Financial File in One Place

As I prepare to become truly mobile (something I’m seeking as I look for ways to save bucks), I’ve decided that I’ll keep my client records archived back on the farm, with a digital copy on my computer for reference. I’ll be using a minimum amount of paper. First because piles of paper are unseemly and they take up valuable space and second because I want to be digitally organized.

In this quest, I found a pretty interesting little piece of equipment for organizing myself.

Carry Your Computer Essentials on Your iPod — or a FlashDrive!

I just found an amazingly sweet little suite of programs to make my iPod a backup "server" to take my own programs on the road. This customizable bundle will let me take my browser (FireFox) and a portable version of an AV program, a basic MS compatible office suite, a calendar program, an email program (ThunderBird in portable format), a image editor, a media player, a Suduku game and a host of other options with me.

And the most interesting part? It’s free!  

And the Year is Off to a Shaky Start

This WAS the year that was supposed to be less stressful, right? This was gonna be THE year for me… wasn’t it? So how come we are already past the one week mark and I’m still playing catch-up?

So far, almost everything that could go wrong HAS gone wrong. My Tablet started acting up, so I spent last weekend (and much after-hours time yesterday) getting it back from a ground-floor regen in preparation for my upcoming trip. My Hubby’s birthday was nearly ruined when I left the grocery store with only half of the bags I purchased… leaving the jumbo shrimp splurge for his dinner in the self-checkout lane. (Note to self: when stressed out, let someone else ring up my groceries, so I’m sure I get my goods in my basket after paying for them.)


Forgive me. It’s been two weeks since my last blog…

I suddenly feel Catholic. My husband (who actually IS Catholic) says I’d make a good one. Says I feel more guilt than most Catholics. This, apparently, is a good trait in the religion business.

Personally, I find it to be a real drag…

I Have Amazingly Cool Clients

I have the coolest clients! And today, I was reminded of that when I got the mail. Today, one of my clients sent me a “Happy Birthday” present for’s 4th birthday. Pretty awesome in itself… but what she sent was even BETTER than the thought…