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Save as PDF Feature Available for Word 2007

Following a lawsuit by Adobe, Microsoft agreed to remove the “save as PDF” feature from the upcoming Office 2007 (also called Office 12) as delivered.

But, Microsoft is providing this option as an “add-in” which can be downloaded for free by users from the Microsoft download site. Recently, that “add-in” was made available.

If you want yours (and the ability to also save as XPS format) …

RSS Feeds Quit Working in Outlook 2007 Beta 2? Here’s The Fix!

I’m loving some parts of the new (beta 2) Outlook 2007 – a part of the 2007 Microsoft Office System . As I mentioned before over on WickedMobility, I’m not liking the fact that I STILL can’t get my Business Contact Manager to work (so I can do my billing from my accounting program without copying files and doing the “desktop to Tablet to desktop” dance.

The other thing that was making me nuts was to be teased with the possibility of having an RSS feed directly imported into my Outlook program. Right after I add an RSS feed, it downloads and “wheeee!” I have my favorite RSS feeds being delivered into their own little folders under my personal files in Outlook.

I was thrilled… and then the errors began. Now, I’ve found the solution, and I thought I’d share…

Outlook 2007 is Cool, But the BCM is Making Me Crazy!

First of all, let me establish that I am NOT a quitter. Frankly, I’m, too darn stubborn to give up at all… much less to do so easily. Now, with that said, I’ve been working with the new office 2007 for A couple months now. It crashes alot, and has several issues, but overall, I like, it. (At least up to the point when I tried to get Business Contact Manager to work)

Now, after two days of hell, I decided to keep two systems running – one with Office 2003 on my server-desktop and one with 2007 on my Tablet PC. At least this way, I reasoned, I could still use my Accounting program to get my billing out (I use SBA 2006) I gave up QuickBooks last year because, well, I hated it. I hated the double entry between my timer and my books, the extra hassles and the constant “gouges” from Intuit to upgrade. I decided to go with Microsoft to get all things in one place. I assumed that software that advertised seamless integration with it’s own programs would be telling the truth.

But I digress…

Continuing Battles With MS Small Business Accounting 2006: Why Won’t My "Price Levels" Reflect in Invoices on SBA?

Despite my desire to get to a single hourly rate system, I still offer a discount to my those long-standing clients who have been with me for years.

In my new Microsoft Office SBA program, I figured I’d handle this with a % discount under the Price Level functionality.


I get the invoice template all customized and pull in my first client’s billing to test the invoice. He’s one that gets the "longevity" discount. And, there’s my standard rate. And it STAYS there.

So I begin research…

Where Can I Find the Update for Microsoft Business Contact Manager? (Version 2 of MS BCM)

After another unwelcome trip into the land of Microsoft … I had difficulty finding BCM V2 for download. I’m not sure why my BRAND NEW copy of Business Contact Manager (which is a part of Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003) was shipped with version 1, but that’s beside the point.

Searching on MS’s site did little to help me find the update, but I did find a link to it after searching around the user groups a bit.

With all the issues that BCM has, it’s amazing that the upgrade (reportedly effective for fixing many of those bugs) isn’t easier to find.

Tablet PCs for Real Estate Agents

I’ve had a few agents contact me lately about the Treo VS the Tablet PC products.

Tablets may be a bit off the Treo topic, but they are dead-on the mobility issue…and, it’s something I’ve been looking at myself lately… trying to decide if a tablet makes sense for me, and if it’s a "now" item or a "soon" item on my wish list.

What I’m dying to see, what I’ve been scouring the reviews, the "upcoming products" and the other geeky sites and pubs to find is a truly great tablet PC.

Not just any old tablet — I want one that will work for me and that I can recommend to my clients. For me, it would have to have…

Rebuilt My Computer, Trying to Reorganize My Business and My Life, Using One Note Software as a Tool

As the fall marches forward, I’m in a dismal state of disorganization. The old "it must get worse before it gets better" goes double for me right now. I spent the weekend reorganizing my computer. I’ve wiped my C drive and fdisked it (I know that sounds dirty, but it merely means it’s all clean and "brand new" in a tech sense) and reloaded the essentials. Now, nothing has gone back on the machine without a considerable amount of thought. I’ve even decided to go back to Outlook and upgraded my Office Pro to accommodate my new needs for a Notes program.