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Making OneNote Better: Word Count Tool

As a power-user (or at least a constant user) of OneNote, I miss two things.

  1. A word count tool – to help me as I compose and edit and work inside the OneNote program
  2. A formatting "paintbrush" tool offered by the rest of the office apps – to make my notes look prettier and become more organized.

Good news: There is now a powertoy plugin that offers the word count functionality.
Bad news: Apparently I’m still the only one that wants/needs a formatting paintbrush.

To get your own word count option…

Want to Learn More about OneNote?

So you have listened to me blabber on and on about OneNote and you want to learn more — you want to determine if this is something that may be a benefit for you? I’ve found a resource that may help.

Google Competes With Microsoft’s Office Suite for Big Business

Google has just announced that it will offer an online-based office suite to large businesses. The suite, in direct competition with Microsoft Office (during the current Vista push) will offer email, calendar management, spreadsheets and word processing tools for a competitive $50 per year per user — far below the current cost of maintaining the latest version of office.

Should You Switch to Vista?

Before you decide to switch to Vista, you may want to read a few reviews of the largest media rollout of a new operating system in history.

It’s been enough to bring those hold outs (like me) who have been considering Linux and other options, out of the closet. I’m now planning to work with open source software that is XP compatible in 2007 and do a switch to Linux in 2008. By doing this in stages, I’m not learning all new software AND a new operating system all at once. I’ve not made a firm decision yet, but it’s looking more like Linux is looming in my future all the time. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you may want to consider carefully before "upgrading" to Vista. You should know what you are giving up and what the risks really are.

In addition to issues with digital rights, you may want to consider the questions of system performance and CPU hogging among others. For instance, you may want to read the following information:

Tablet Tools: Great (FREE!) Template Resource for OneNote Users

I’ve been hoarding a great little site that helps me to get any template I may ever need for OneNote… and it’s time to bring it out of the closet.

I tripped across this site several months back, but it took awhile to determine how to convert this “paper lovers” site from a “print it out on your printer and stick it in your paper organizer” resource to a digital resource to use with my own Tablet PC and my OneNote program.

Here’s how…

OneNote Is Golden — Of Course We Already Knew That… Didn’t We?

Golden Sunshine in Woods of Kentucky

Last Friday, OneNote 2007 was released to manufacturing (along with the rest of the Office suite). They have blessed it as a finished product.

I’ve been beta testing this particular product (along with Outlook, Publisher, Word, Excel and … yes… even PowerPoint) for several months now and I must say it’s impressive. If you haven’t tried OneNote, or if you have previously considered it something "only for Tablet PCs" you should re-think that and give it a try.

To read the official press release on this power-house product…

Fun and Games with Microsoft Office Beta 2 Technical Refresh on My Tablet PC

Ok, I don’t know who NAMES the versions of Microsoft Betas… but “Technical Refresh” sounds odd to me. I do, however, finally have the little sucker installed.

After spending the last two days in email hell… due to a problem with the new version of McAfee’s Security Center — which did NOT “play nice” with the MS Office Beta 2 at all… I can now get my emails again. And, my computer is no longer at a slow crawl with constant crashing symptoms. (And this is my baby… my TABLET PC!!!) * The horror!*

I was about to go nuts. NUTS, I say!

Microsoft is Giving Away Free Copies of Vista — at a Vista Fair

While doing my daily thing today, I found the following information for those lucky enough to be in the Silicon Valley Area in early October.

Microsoft is hosting a Vista Fair — where they will download a free copy of MS Vista onto your machine and will provide you a free current copy of the Vista operating system and will send you another copy when the full version is released!

It’s enough to make me want to hop a plane! Learn more here: