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Crafting Content for the iPhone

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about how to make sure websites are mobile-friendly and, in particular, how to make them …

eBooks on the iPhone?

Yup! It’s being done. And there are new, more creative ways to get your ebooks all the time. I’ve been following some …

A Geek’s Hacks for Firefox

While doing my usual thing today, I found a great resource for tricking out Firefox. Now this list isn’t for the faint …

Prevent PDF Files From Freezing Your Browser

It makes me crazy to have to wait. I’m not a patient woman. I’m just not.

I’m also a multi-tasker. There is seldom a time when I have less than a dozen processes going at once. So, when my FireFox is all locked up because I hit a link that, unknown to me, is a PDF, because I failed to check the URL at the bottom of my screen when hovering over a link… I get a wee bit antsy.

I’ve found a few ways to help curtail that frustration for fellow FireFox users:

Portable Master Client Financial File in One Place

As I prepare to become truly mobile (something I’m seeking as I look for ways to save bucks), I’ve decided that I’ll keep my client records archived back on the farm, with a digital copy on my computer for reference. I’ll be using a minimum amount of paper. First because piles of paper are unseemly and they take up valuable space and second because I want to be digitally organized.

In this quest, I found a pretty interesting little piece of equipment for organizing myself.