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Living the Simple Life: The Perfect Collection for the Minimalist and Traveler

Sometimes it’s hard not to “collect” things. I’ve had a few bouts with that problem myself over the years. But, I have found the perfect solution, and thought I’d take a moment to share.

If you want a way to remember special events, to ensure that people who want to give you gifts only buy token ones, an easy-to-carry souvenir from any trip and all your travels, and you don’t want to fill your house doing it… consider what I’ve done:

A Trip to Biltmore – For My Mother

Today, I’m in Asheville NC. My sister and I have taken my mother away for a couple of days. It’s a celebration. She just got her first social security check and we needed something to commemorate the occasion.

More Marsupials Join the Family – Sugar Glider Tales (or is it Tails?)

Wayne and I got our sugar gliders on the same day — the day before his birthday.

His, Nimetz (aka "stinky") is an overly active — ok, HYPERACTIVE, little thing that dashes about like his tail is on fire.

Mine, Trinity, is a doll.

She’s calmer than Nimetz, and is MUCH quieter than Sheena (aka "Noisy"). She enjoys sitting on my desk, cuddled in her pink furry hat, while I work. She occasionally explores things on the desktop, or hops on my shoulder or even climbs my hair like a mountaineer attempting Mt. Everest — arriving safely on my crown before repelling back down to my shoulders. While active, she’s not spastic and seems to have warmed up to me immediately.

Turning Leaves and the Urge to Purge

This weekend, when I blinked, all the leaves turned. I was watching them carefully. I knew that there would be a quick turn this year, I knew the colors wouldn’t last long — you can just tell these things — especially when many of the tree leaves go from green to brown and crispy in a matter of hours.

But, we had a bit of chill in the air, and then the drizzle set in… and now everything is yellow and red and brown –and falling quickly.

And as we go into the end of the year, I look around at my own stuff and feel a bit like a tree myself — like I need to be rid of stuff, like I need to shed a few layers of "things" that are clinging to me, weighting me down too.

Up, Up and AWAY!! – Great Romantic Birthday Ideas

My best friend had a birthday surprise last weekend that included a ride in a hot-air balloon! Her date didn’t even tell her where they were going, but just whisked her away (to a height of around 7500 feet she tells me).

I know some guys have difficulties coming up with a great idea for a special occasion. Her date, obviously, isn’t one of those…

Cleaning to Help Out: What I Did Over My Labor Day Weekend

What did I do over the long holiday weekend? Well, I actually took time away from the computer on Sunday (except for a quick blog) AND Monday (all day!). *GASP*

I also goofed off a bit, but more importantly, I did some cleaning and organizing and I pulled together a box full of canned goods and non-perishables to send to the collection trucks stationed all over the local area for relief from Katrina down south.