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Return to Kentucky

The cruise was wonderful. It was just what I needed… pure relaxation. On the boat, cruisers are treated like babies… rocked to …

My Grandmother, the Astronaut

Today, I took the day off work. Today, I joined in with all the touristy stuff. Today, we went to the Kennedy …

Arrived in Fort Pierce, Florida

We arrived in Florida this evening. We decided to drive straight through afterall. It was a good trip, albeit a long one. …

Heading to Florida Next Week

Next Friday, I’m headed out the door to Florida. I made a promise to myself a few years ago that traveling was …

Back in Kentucky to Write Some More

I’m back in my home state again now. Florida was nice and I did make some wonderful progress on the book.

I also made progress with getting to bed at an hour before the a.m. and I even took a couple naps during my time away!! Naps, I say! I think they boost my creative juices… yeah, THAT’s the ticket! If I’d managed to squeeze in a dozen naps, the book may well be complete my now ! :O)

Today my sister and I are headed for the hills, literally.

Going Mobile Again — A Writer and Entrepreneur’s "Vacation"

Ok, well maybe it’s not a vacation — but it is a little time away.

I’m packing my bags today to fly to Florida for a bit of time away. While in the Sunshine State, I’ll be meeting with my partner to go over a bit of business, and I also hope to catch a few rays on a sunny beach (if it’s not too chilly).

The rest of the time I’ll be working on my writing. I’ve had a book that’s been collecting dust (and notes) for nearly three years now and a few months ago, I decided that December 31st was my deadline to have it written and ready.