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I love mom jeans!

In Praise of “Mom” Jeans

I started this particular blog topic some time ago, in direct opposition to the proliferation of crack I see displayed out in …

One of my mother's quilts

My Mother Quilts

My Mother is an anomaly. She makes beautiful quilts by hand — pre-machine style. She’s not unusual because she quilts… or crochets… Not …

Carmel Cake Top

Do Not Trifle With A Carmel Lover!

Hello. My name is Angela and I’m a chocoholic. I’ll consume just about anything smothered in chocolate. I’ve even considered trying chocolate …

A Heart full of Freedom

Living on the Farm

I moved from Lexington to the farm at the end of October. In the first couple of weeks, we got electric, a …

Simple Living

Slowing Down to Gear Up

The harried pace that my life has been for many, MANY months is slowing down. It’s odd to have a few minutes …

decision to homeschool is easy

Homeschooling Again

A couple weeks ago my 12-year-old (who, coincidentally, reads on a late high school/early college level) brought home a permission slip from …