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Real Estate Resources for Working with Senior Citizens

Senior Real Estate Agent Resources!

Lifetime Learning Do you work with Senior or Boomer real estate clients? Would you like a beautiful little resource on “Staying Sharp: …

Is there a pill for apathy - to CAUSE it, not to prevent it?

Popping A Pill Seems Valid

Ok, I’m not going to go into details — for the same reason I didn’t BLAST a hole in my blog about …

Tales from Traffic School

Tales from Traffic School

Share my shame. Yep, busted for speeding. But, despite what my instructor said, some people really do NOT know they are speeding. …

decision to homeschool is easy

Homeschooling Again

A couple weeks ago my 12-year-old (who, coincidentally, reads on a late high school/early college level) brought home a permission slip from …