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Merely A Matter of Semantics

I often am accused of arguing "semantics" and am summarily dismissed for doing so. I believe semantics matter. I believe communication is paramount in our daily lives. So, yes, I take it seriously.

This morning, I read an interesting news piece on the effect of semantics on the politics of the environment and there was a quote that was too telling to dismiss:

"Science is nothing without precision. You mislabel a larynx as a pharynx, call a nematode a trematode, and your career is done. Political language, on the other hand, is a triumph of misrepresentation. A failure becomes a success when some little crumb of your plan has worked; winning a battle allows claims of victory even as the war slips away."

Media Reform, Net Neutrality, and YOU

I have a few ideas for your consideration:

  • What would you say if, suddenly, you could no longer access the sites you like to visit? What if you were automatically redirected to a "similar" site without your knowledge or permission?
  • What if your own site was no longer visible on the web or if it took MUCH longer to load your site than to load others?
  • What if every search query typed in for real estate your area came back with a single franchise — the competition’s and you had no way to change that because they had an exclusive agreement with the ISP/Host/Search Engine providers in your area?

Sound impossible? It’s not….

FCC Panel Session with Copps and Adelstein

I thoroughly enjoyed the session with the FCC commissioners. I genuinely related to these individuals in the panel presentation and Q&A format in the morning session. And I wasn’t alone. During one of the responses by Copps, I heard a female voice behind me say, “I love this guy, can we hang out with him?”

I couldn’t agree more. I’d love the opportunity to have lunch with these three individuals. Pro-public access, openly vocal about the problems with the current system — even the FCC itself — they are endearingly honest and openly frustrated… and yet they keep working.