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Sitting Somewhere Not Quite on Top of the World… But Close Enough

Today was my first day “off” since we arrived on Monday. Monday was spent traveling here and getting set up in the RV park. Tuesday was spent working on client projects, as was Wednesday and Thursday. So, today was my first day of freedom!

Pops and I took a trip on the 4-wheeler up into the mountain passes. (I uploaded a slew of new photos onto the Colorado Photo Blog to go along side the few shots I made on the way into Salida.)

And, I must admit publicly that my client was right, it would have
been a crime to come back out to Colorado again this year without a
decent camera. That client, Alpharetta real estate agent and camera buff, Jeff Aughey,
send me one of his cameras to borrow for the trip. He had to fuss for me to finally accept (He started out trying to give it to me, but I
refused and we finally agreed to a temporary loan). Now, I’m probably going to end up buying one just like this
one. It’s a tiny little “fit in the palm of your hand” Cannon with 7.1
megapixels. It’s wonderful. I had to call Jeff tonight to tell him that
he was right and how much I appreciated the loan. (Thanks again, Jeff!)

I must admit that the view from the campground made working on standard projects a bit more enjoyable than usual. And I’m starting to breathe a bit easier — not much, just a bit. So long as I don’t have to walk to fast or too far, or (God forbid) run — like I had to yesterday when Pop’s dog, Abby accompanied me on my a.m. constitutional and decided to take off after some other dogs).

The sights from up in the mountains were astounding…

Settling in Salida, Colorado – My Writer’s Retreat Begins

We arrived in Salida yesterday. This morning, after finally
getting some sleep, we both felt like we had been hit by a train. I’d forgotten
how wonderful it is to be old, fat and at a high altitude all at the same time.

But, catching glimpses of the snow capped mountains and being surrounded by
this spring-time majesty … well it makes labored breathing and even
breathlessness completely worthwhile. It’s simply stunning here.

I hope this will provide the environment I need to enjoy a productive writing
retreat. It couldn’t have come at a better time, immediately following both the
writers conference and the trip to Asheville
(an emersion in history tour). All the recent events have served to make me
feel quite inspired.

My Father Turns 60!

This is a long distance "Happy Birthday" wish for my Pops, who turned 60 years old today. His birthday wish was to climb to the top of his favorite Colorado peak today — Taylor Mountain.

Since he will be gone all day, I’m posting his birthday greeting here for when he returns.

Mountaintops and a Day to Write

Today I spent in all the glory of nature. Today I had several hours to write and dream and plan beside a sparkling, cold crystal mountain stream.


Getting Too High, Too Fast: Rocky Mountain "High" Includes Altitude Ailments

Today started out great and ended great. I saw parts of Colorado that made me want to go back home and pack a couple more bags, grab my husband and come to live here permanently!

The views were breathtaking — and not just because the air is so thin and I’m so out of shape. They are beautiful. I saw my first aspen groves, my first mountain streams, dozens of beaver dams, assorted wildlife and a dazzling array of wildflowers.

I also experienced altitude sickness.


Are We Having Fun Yet? Swimming, Saving and Arc Welding

The next morning after we had breakfast, the men went in search of a welder. Alex went swimming in the pool and I hauled her out when her bravery outpaced her new swimming skills in water that was a bit over her head.

She didn’t freak out once I grabbed her and drug her back to the side. She even continued swimming for awhile, albeit in the shallow end thereafter. I hope that she’s now safely past both the screaming fear of the water and the overblown confidence phases of learning to swim.

While Alex was swimming and I was reading my latest copy of "Wired" magazine — or at least trying, before all the drama of flailing arms and a little blond head going under the water took center stage. Then I was playing lifeguard instead.