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Gas Hike Dampens Mobile Dreams

Here in Kentucky, the gas is now over $3.25 per gallon. And whether it’s due to the Middle East, the hurricane, or simple greed… the result is that I’m wondering if the year on the road is really going to happen now.

Getting Too High, Too Fast: Rocky Mountain "High" Includes Altitude Ailments

Today started out great and ended great. I saw parts of Colorado that made me want to go back home and pack a couple more bags, grab my husband and come to live here permanently!

The views were breathtaking — and not just because the air is so thin and I’m so out of shape. They are beautiful. I saw my first aspen groves, my first mountain streams, dozens of beaver dams, assorted wildlife and a dazzling array of wildflowers.

I also experienced altitude sickness.


Someone Else is Living My Dream!

As I did some submission work for my new baby,, I found an article on a PR consultant and her husband doing, albeit in grander style, what Wayne and I have been discussing for many months.

The two are going MOBILE — in a big way. They ditched the office space in favor of an RV and work from the new “workstead” on wheels.

Granted, they are doing it bigger than I want to. They have a $100K RV that’s much larger than the Airstream Bambi we are considering, but still — they are doing it and loving it.