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Ohhhhh! An Airstream CAR!

I just saw this today and had to share it. Interesting find for this morning, since I was up late LATE last …

Preparing To Travel: Reducing the Size of My Office

This weekend, I got a wild hair. No big surprise for most of you, but it happens from time to time. I decided I needed to start arranging my office in the airstream to take up less space. Right now, the Airstream is only for my office, but in a couple years, it will be "shared space" when we hit the road. Between now and then, I need to determine how to get everything I need into a much smaller footprint. MUCH smaller.

Tiny Spaces, Budget Decorating and an Experiment in Frugality

I was cruising the web today… I honestly don’t know how it started. I think it was back tracking some referrals on voluntary simplicity that led to my own blog. I found a couple pretty cool sites that I thought I’d share with those interested in living a life less complicated, and learning to decorate on the cheap in the small spaces of a tiny home (or apartment).

My Airstream Mobile Office is All Set Up Now

Granted, I’ll be sitting mostly still for the next couple of years, but I’m now officially working in my new-to-me 1974 Airstream silver bullet named Serenity. If you check out the new logo, you will see an image of my baby. If you read on, you will see a couple photos of the inside of the office and the outside…

My "New to Me" Latest Toy is a Classic Airstream — Destined to Become… A High-Tech Mobile Office!!!

Ok. I’d planned to wait to announce. But I can’t wait any longer. Patience has never been one of my virtues — ask anyone who knows me. I wanted to get the new website up and running and do the announcement there… but the excitement has taken over! I now have my dream machine! A "new to me" 1974 25-foot Airstream! And she’s sooooo pretty!

Whoo-Hoo! *dancing about the room*

This little baby, aptly named "Serenity" will be transformed over the next few months to a full time office and will later be taken on the road for full mobility and functionality. I simply can’t wait! Those Joss Wheldon fans among my readers will recognize the reference of my new mobile office’s name. The rest… go watch the series FireFly. (It’s great!)