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Descent Is Faster and More Enjoyable than the Climb

Go figure, it’s more fun (and much easier) to come down the mountain than it is to climb up. Yesterday (Sunday), Pops and I took a couple hours to climb and explore a nearby trail. It was pretty pathetic going up…

Walk a hundred yards, huff and puff for five minutes… walk 50 yards, huff and puff… walk 200 yards then get winded and have to stop for five minutes. Needless to say, it took awhile to get up. We walked up the trail — a fairly comfortable incline, despite the “huff and puff” episodes — for just over an hour and a half. I took photos (of course) and added them to my Colorado Photo Blog. The sights were really nice going up…

Finding Direction and Turning 40

After my harassment last year, when Wayne turned 40, I deserve a hellish birthday. I’ve earned it. You know, one of the highest hitting keyword phrases on my blog for awhile was "Mean things to say to people turning 40."

That cracked me up. Hubby was not amused. LOL.

Well, now it’s my turn to get older, to pass into that next decade. And I can say that turning 40 isn’t the drama I’d expected. I do hope that my 40’s are spent a little less hell-bent on proving myself to me. I think that job is mostly done. It won’t be spent proving myself to others — I’m too old for that foolishness and time is too valuable.

I do have difficulty with finding the right direction sometimes… and this last week has been really hard on me in that area — especially after all the dust settled from the previous three weeks of personal/family trials and tribulations.

But things have settled down… and I think I’m starting to get a grip on what’s next.

Mean Things to Say to Someone Turning 40

My beloved husband turned 40 yesterday. Poor thing, there is surely no hell like living with me and having a landmark birthday.

I’ve given him no peace since the day he turned 39. I’ve built quite a repertoire of age-related snips and facts… I have a right, of course, since… for exactly four days… he’s a full two years older than me.

For the last 19 years — since our college days, when we were just friends and when that age difference loomed much larger than it does these days… I’ve given him crap about his age. It’s just one of our "things"… ok, it’s one of MY things. He merely endures it.

Little factoids like…

In Memory of Jennifer

Wayne’s first cousin died this weekend. She died without warning or fanfare. Her lungs were attacked by a blood clot and the doctor’s attempts to save her last week failed. She wasn’t a smoker, she wasn’t on any medications that predisposed her to this… and she was only 39.

Ok, it’s official… I’m going to have a mid-life crisis now

Today is my father’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Pops!) and I was doing a bit of reflecting on that this a.m., and naturally a bit of reflecting on my own life as his adult daughter, while sorting my e-mail first thing this a.m.

You know, just when you start feeling really good about yourself… someone comes along to point out the stuff you don’t have under control (like a waistline, weight, physical appearance). All that’s bearable so long as the person is younger, on television or anonymous. But, when that person is your high school biology teacher….

High School Reunion

I attended my 20 year high school reunion this weekend. Even TYPING that makes me feel old.