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Happy Birthday to My Son

My baby boy turns 17 today. Gee that makes me sound old, and even more scary… it makes him old. All the …

And the Year is Off to a Shaky Start

This WAS the year that was supposed to be less stressful, right? This was gonna be THE year for me… wasn’t it? So how come we are already past the one week mark and I’m still playing catch-up?

So far, almost everything that could go wrong HAS gone wrong. My Tablet started acting up, so I spent last weekend (and much after-hours time yesterday) getting it back from a ground-floor regen in preparation for my upcoming trip. My Hubby’s birthday was nearly ruined when I left the grocery store with only half of the bags I purchased… leaving the jumbo shrimp splurge for his dinner in the self-checkout lane. (Note to self: when stressed out, let someone else ring up my groceries, so I’m sure I get my goods in my basket after paying for them.)

All My Childhood Icons Are Dying

Today, as I logged onto my computer (something I’m trying to curtail during the holidays as much as possible — although unsuccessfully), I saw the NPR top news stories on my Google home page. President Gerald Ford died.

On Christmas day, when visiting my hubby’s family, my father-in-law told me that James Brown had died.

Now, these may not seem related on any typical level, but it’s one of those times when I realize that my past is crumbling. It’s literally disintegrating from age. The icons I grew up with are no more.

Raising Kids… It Gets Easier When??

I was talking with a peer last week. She announced that she was going to be a grandmother this week. The c-section is scheduled due to some fairly serious complications. My prayers are with her and her daughter, and I’ve been thinking about it alot over the weekend.

First, I was shocked. After all, she’s MY age! And my eldest son (now 18) scared the crap outta me right before he joined the Army by getting “Ohhhh–Ahhh” face every time he saw an infant. He even eyed pregnant women with a new vision. It was terrifying.

He also said things like “Awwww, isn’t that sweet? I want one of those.” and similar undeniable signs that he’s all grown up and in the throes of baby fever. I shared this with my peer and she confessed that her own daughter was doing the same thing about a year ago — thus confirming my fears.

It’s kind of odd how much smarter you really DO get as you get older as a parent and we discussed this at length.

My Son Joined the Army

This week my eldest son left for the Army. And, it’s one of those things that makes you realize how quickly the time really does go.

I preach about quality of life, about slowing down, about smelling the roses. But, apparently, I seldom do it.

After all, that young man that’s taller than I am now, was, just a few short months ago, the little baby that liked to sleep on my belly — for every nap. He’s the little guy that I’d nurse while I typed on my undergraduate thesis. He’s the one I taught to read at four, to ride a bike, to stand up straight and tall, even when life dealt some serious blows.

This is my baby… my first child.

Sex on TV Commercials: Ok, Maybe I’m just "out of touch"… but GEEZE!

I spent the night away from home recently and actually watched “normal” television. (I must say, I couldn’t get back to a “no cable” household quickly enough to suit me.) However… while I was there, I noticed something that I found simply shocking… something that may have “snuck up” on those who watch TV all the time…