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Living in ecologically sound, smallish spaces (and loving it)! Covering such topics as tiny houses, alternative housing, organization, streamlining and conquering clutter. These entries cover my “take” on voluntary simplicity will also include some of the best technologies for living small. For a more exhaustive treatment of the topic, visit

A Few of the Best Free PodCasts for Video iPod

You know, lately… once I finish work… I most want to close out my files and …

SEARCH FOR REALLY COOL iPod content for my 60 gig video iPod. Yeah, I’m quickly falling in love with my iPod. I’ve always been a bit staunch. I like bending more traditionally “work oriented” tech tools to go the proverbial “extra mile” and take on some entertainment value.

But then, I bought my hubby an mp3 player… and it had to be the best, you know… so I went with the somewhat overpriced video 5th generation iPod. I did cut back and got him only the 30 gig — after all, he would never fill the 30 gigs of space… or so I thought.

Then, I got all envious. I started taking this cool little thing of his and I tricked it out for him.

Want to Download Free Movies for Your Treo? For Your iPod? Here Ya Go!

I’ve got a little weekend treat for those of you needing a bit of diversion. How about a site that not only offers free downloads on classic movies (and B movies), but also preformats them for use on your Treo 600 and Treo 650 and Treo 700, even your iPod with video??? Interested?

Ever want to REALLY simplify your life?

Some towns in upper North Dakota and a few in Kansas are offering free land to individuals willing to come out and build a house in these small, dwindling towns and set up housekeeping. As a simplicity freak and an online entrepreneur, this type of opportunity always intrigues me.