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Hardware and software, hacks, tricks and tips, online findings, resources, trouble-shooting guides, tech help and support and my own “ah-ha” moments as I make my way as an Internet-based consultant and hopelessly addicted gadget geek.

I’ll include hardware and software I’ve found (and use), those that I wish I could use (or wish I could afford) or that is still in the lab — but piques my interest. These blog entries will focus on the technology that makes my geek flag fly high.

Is Windows 8 Going to be fixed?

Windows 8 Gets an Upgrade

I can’t say that I’m not excited about the news that Windows “blue” — the update for Win8 coming in late June …

Why I hate Windows 8

Why I Gave Up On Windows 8

So… my itty bitty Asus Windows laptop with a touch screen is kinda awesome. The Windows 8 “apps” that let me utilize them …