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Time to Update My Look… Is It Time For You to Update Yours?

Now normally, around this time of year, I get the urge to update my look. But, it’s usually an update of my website’s appearance. Something new added, a new touch, something to make things work a bit better or look a little more attractive.

But this year, it’s a bit more personal…

Video PodCasting (VidCasting) for Real Estate – The Next Big Thing?

I’ve been watching with some interest lately as the podcasting phenomenon has entered into the mainstream.

During my research I’ve found some excellent examples of the use of podcasting and, more interesting to me personally, the use of video podcasting.

For instance…

Things that Make You Go… Hmmmm…(things to do with your RSS)

Ok, picture the scene… I’m working with a client, helping her to develop her webpage and we are talking about her blog.

I’ve encouraged her to offer an RSS feed and we are discussing the way to advertise that fact on the web.

I think a casual approach might be best, given her business model. I think that something off-hand like "Get" or "Grab" may be the right term… until I type it in my notes…

Proof That You May Not, At First, Do Well in What you Enjoy Most

My youngest son is struggling in his classwork right now. He’s been living with his father for the last few months and I’ve not been as involved with his classwork, due to the difference in geography.

Now, he’s coming home and he’s cramming for final exams. He LOVES his AP World Civ course. Loves it. He’s also barely passing. It’s not normal for him to do poorly in school, so it’s particularly tough on him right now.

He says… "How can I have such a lousy grade in something I enjoy so much?"


Real Estate Websites Taking a Nose-Dive in Google

Well, it’s finally started to happen. I’ve been telling my clients for many, MANY months to be more careful with their use of gratuitous links and spamming the search engines (in particular Google) through these methods. I’ve been expecting the blast to happen in the last three or four rounds of algorithm changes for Google, and I’m honestly disappointed that it hasn’t happened sooner. But, that tide is now turning, finally.

Tablet PCs for Real Estate Agents

I’ve had a few agents contact me lately about the Treo VS the Tablet PC products.

Tablets may be a bit off the Treo topic, but they are dead-on the mobility issue…and, it’s something I’ve been looking at myself lately… trying to decide if a tablet makes sense for me, and if it’s a "now" item or a "soon" item on my wish list.

What I’m dying to see, what I’ve been scouring the reviews, the "upcoming products" and the other geeky sites and pubs to find is a truly great tablet PC.

Not just any old tablet — I want one that will work for me and that I can recommend to my clients. For me, it would have to have…