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Senate to Vote Thursday: Net Neutrality is Essential to Small, Online Business Owners

It’s pretty confusing these days, as the House and the Senate battle,
pass and amend the bills related to net neutrality preserving and abolishing online freedoms. What do I want? I
want the government and the big business’ hands off my access to, what
I consider to be, MY Internet!

What does this mean? It means if the government must get involved, I
want it to protect my rights — not limit them and not sacrifice MORE
of my personal rights and freedoms in the name of anything — economic
development, national security or anything similar.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they would also quit naming bills in a way that
they appear to support exactly what they try to abolish? Yeah, that
would be nice!

So, if all this leaves you unsure what to tell your representatives, maybe the information below will help…

UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PCs) vs. Tablet PCs: For Real Esatate Agents, Brokers and Writers!

The health problems that I thought were fixed have returned, and the timing kinda sucks, since I’m still out in the Rockies. But, I’m taking this time to do a bit more research on the Tablet PC I’ve been salivating over for several months and I’ve discovered (and been reading like mad about) the new UMPC products (Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers). Computing is an exciting field at the moment. Things are really “hopping” and I’m fascinated with the new breakthroughs. Now, I think I know why I’ve not already purchased the Tablet PC.

The Tablet is the first Technology advance/toy that I’ve wanted for an extended period of time that I’ve NOT purchased. Usually, I’ll salivate for a week or so, then bite the bullet and buy the device. Not so this time. And now I think I know why…