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How to Repair Cracked and/or Broken Canon PowerShot SD500 LCD Screen

As I mentioned the other day on WickedBlog, I broke my precious little, ultra portable (and great-picture-taking) Canon SD 500 Power Shot. I broke the little LCD screen. Now, although it still takes photos — I can’t see them, preview them, or sort them until I plug the sd card into my Tablet PC. So, it’s really cramping my style.

With that said, I called a client of mine (photo buff and Georgia Realtor Jeff Aughey) and asked if he knew anything about replacement of the screen — was it possible, or did I need to budget for a whole new camera? He went on his favorite forums and did some legwork for me and found the following forum post… (Thanks, Jeff!)…

Hourly Rate or Project Rate for Writing Services — Which is Best?

I got an email today from a fellow writer who asked if she should offer project rates or standard hourly rates for her copywriting services. Some of her potential clients had been advised by a real estate coach to always get per-project rates. She asked for my advice.

For anyone who plans to hire a writer, you may want to consider the following, before signing on the dotted line:

Snazzy Snail Mail: Direct Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners

Are you bored with the same old “tired” farm materials? Do you want
innovative and creative… but all you can afford is the service you
already have? Is it the same service your competition is using — or a
markedly similar one? Do you want your direct mail to catch the eye of your target market? And, are you on a shoe-string budget?

There is a way to make your stuff stand out… without a huge time and money investment…

Save as PDF Feature Available for Word 2007

Following a lawsuit by Adobe, Microsoft agreed to remove the “save as PDF” feature from the upcoming Office 2007 (also called Office 12) as delivered.

But, Microsoft is providing this option as an “add-in” which can be downloaded for free by users from the Microsoft download site. Recently, that “add-in” was made available.

If you want yours (and the ability to also save as XPS format) …

Outlook 2007 is Cool, But the BCM is Making Me Crazy!

First of all, let me establish that I am NOT a quitter. Frankly, I’m, too darn stubborn to give up at all… much less to do so easily. Now, with that said, I’ve been working with the new office 2007 for A couple months now. It crashes alot, and has several issues, but overall, I like, it. (At least up to the point when I tried to get Business Contact Manager to work)

Now, after two days of hell, I decided to keep two systems running – one with Office 2003 on my server-desktop and one with 2007 on my Tablet PC. At least this way, I reasoned, I could still use my Accounting program to get my billing out (I use SBA 2006) I gave up QuickBooks last year because, well, I hated it. I hated the double entry between my timer and my books, the extra hassles and the constant “gouges” from Intuit to upgrade. I decided to go with Microsoft to get all things in one place. I assumed that software that advertised seamless integration with it’s own programs would be telling the truth.

But I digress…