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Lighting My Match: Making the Concept of Net Neutrality More Accessible for Small Business Owners

When I returned from my blogging lunch (in comparison to a working lunch), I attended a speech by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. I’d just managed to wrap my mind around what I could do as a single person for this cause when he urged the audience to “light a match” explaining that in a room of darkness, a single match throws out alot of light.

I must agree…

In an effort to light my own match, I started working to gather more effective tools I need to explain the issues to my own “sphere of influence” when I return from Memphis.

NCMR2007: Determining My Place in Media Reform Issues

The conference is off to a great start. I’ve heard speakers and issue activists Danny Glover and Bill Moyers. Personally, I’ve been battling with what, exactly, my role should be in this fight. I’ve been battling with it for weeks. I now believe that by the end of the conference, I’ll have my game plan.

So far, I know I’ll continue to be vocal to my local political representatives (Not that it’s been a particularly productive pasttime so far). However, I must continue to try. My interests are broad — but interrelated.

  • I think that the Internet is required for economic development in rural areas. That requires access.
  • I think that our current defunct educational system could be better served by relying more on online resources to educate our children. (I have children that ride a rural bus for over an hour and a half each day to get, what I consider to be, less-than-adequate education). If it were possible to do online courses that were state approved in KY as they are approved in other states, my children would be studying online at home.
  • I think independent workers and small businesses can compete more effectively with online tools and that the removal of geographic boundaries is advantageous to the businesses and our economy overall.
  • I think NOT being required to commute and pollute our environment in order to do your job is a good thing. The Internet permits me to do just that and I want others to be able to do the same.

I think all these things are important. And although I find media reform a sticky and difficult to fully recognize, much less fully understand, I do know that these issues are what impact my own issues.

The Best Firefox Extensions, Addons and Extras

Foxfire Logo

I love Firefox. I despise IE. I use IE only long enough to ensure that my own webs and my client’s site resolve properly using that browser. Then, lickety-split, I’m back to FireFox where I can browse in tabs, where I can worry less about security issues, where I can customize my browser to serve me the way I work, and where I can be a part of a community of software developers and users that create objects for their peers. It’s a geeky community, but an enjoyable one.

Yeah, I know the new IE 7.0 offers its own "tabbed" browsing, but they are too late to this party, IMHO.

I could wax poetic about Firefox for hours (I’m verbose that way, at times…)

But, rather than doing that, I thought you may be interested in what Firefox add-ons I use and why I love them. That way, if you want to give Firefox a spin, you will know some of the bells and whistles you can add. And, if you already adore Firefox, you can peruse a list of "must have" add-ins that are tried and true (and won’t crash your Internet sessions).

  1. Want to know all the cool stuff that the new release offers (for those of you that have an old release, or those that have never used Firefox)?Get the Scoop Here!
  2. Want to give it a spin? Download the latest release Firefox 2.
  3. Want to waste about six hours of your life reviewing all the widgets you can get that will customize the devil outta your own copy of Firefox? Visit the add ons Page.

Or, perhaps… you would prefer to see some of the top Ad ons — the ones I’ve tried and found to be true? Well here they are…

Google and Yahoo! Dabble in Real Estate Listings

Most of you have probably heard of — even played with — the new Yahoo! Real Estate Search Tool, but I’d be willing to bet that very few of you have seen a "sneak peak" of the new Google Real Estate tool.

It’s still in what I’d call "pre-alpha" — although I have no idea what the Google developers are calling it — and has been discovered via the back end by some people so geeky they make me look chic!

Review of Cool Google Tools: SketchUp

In my series on reviewing some of the coolest offerings of free online tools by the daddy search engine, Google… I just love SketchUp. It’s a CAD-style drawing device available online for download. The price is right, the features are cool and it’s like creating SIMS houses! If you want to check it out…