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I’m a freelance writer. Here I’ll share tips, tricks, resources, and my ideas on the craft (and business) of writing online and offer you ways to save both your money and your sanity while being self-employed.

There will be some coverage of traditional publishing platforms and media as well as web-based options, paying particular attention to blogging.

I’ll share my choice plugins, widgets, news, resources, tips and tricks for WordPress, my favorite open source content management and blogging platform. I used it to build this blog and effective business sites and blogs for the small business owners and real estate professionals I am proud to call clients.

Novel-writing month dropout?

I’m not sure if I can do this NaNoWriMo thing and maintain any sense of dignity. What the HECK was I thinking …

Is High Tech Finally Going Green?

Conservation extends beyond turning off a light when leaving the room. This article discusses how some high-tech companies are going green.

Tumblr: Juggling Online Personas

Until recently, I found it exhausting to juggle all the online “faces” of me. The social networking thing was just completely out …