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I’m a writer, so I write. I’m a tech geek, so I blog. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

Information — especially how people communicate, view their world and fixate on topics — fascinates me. Depending on my mood, the topics here on WickedBlog may range from freelance writing and doing business on the web to my personal take on politics, society and the human condition.

I subscribe to the ideals of lifetime learning, voluntary simplicity, and life-work balance — so you may be subjected to a few entries on my trials and tribulations with these topics if you lurk.

Having a career that doesn’t tie me down is wonderful. Although mobile technology has led me down a few *cough* interesting *cough* paths, I can now work from anywhere or in the middle of nowhere. (I prefer the middle of nowhere, in case you were wondering.) I encourage others to release their own high-tech nomad!

Visit me at if you need web content, blogging or writing services. If you are really bored, you may peruse a rather verbose detailing of my first two years on the farm — the good, the bad, the ugly … and the beautiful. They can be viewed by selecting the tag “the farm“.

BTW, If you see ads on this site, it’s because I might just earn a couple pennies if you make a purchase. If I have a product I actually use and recommend, I’ll link it up for your convenience. I don’t just hock products for no particular reason.  To meet the requirements of their operating agreement, I must state that, “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” So there you have it.

Thanks for stopping by and visit again soon!