Stars Above and Below

Springtime on the farm
Daffodil Hill – It’s Spring on the farm

A Trip To The Farm

I went to the farm this weekend. It was simply beautiful! It had been a couple years since I’d been on the farm for Easter. I love it there this time of year because the daffodils on Daffodil Hill are in full bloom. And, you know… it’s spring time on the farm!

I took the babies down (the fur babies) and Rain (the boxer) and Puntin’ (the yorkie-mix) were thrilled to have room to run and play. It was like watching a thoroughbred horse and a rabbit racing down a gravel road.

Unfortunately, the recent storms have taken their toll on the road and there are quite a few trees down over the road, meaning I had to hike in. I’m old and fat, so that wasn’t much fun at first, but it was kind of nice to hike in and find my cabin-oasis waiting for me. There’s something to be said for the privacy of impassable roads! 🙂

It was a wonderful weekend of quiet and solitude and, amazingly, NO stress. None. Nada. My father says the stress is something you carry inside, that it’s not tied to a place — but I beg to differ because I feel like a new woman when I go down there. Sure, there’s lots of work I need to do down there, but time slows down and it seems that there is more time to do that work.

Comparing Woods to City Life

I thoroughly enjoyed having “down time” for a change — especially considering the constant stress at the office right now (the landlord has decided to bulldoze everything around the place we rented to serve as our office two years ago). There are no trees, no grass, and nothing natural there anymore. It weighs on me. It makes it hard for me to work.

The constant construction noise, the horrible dust, the “junkyard” look our beautiful office now has. It’s too much. The huge tree that used to dampen the sound of traffic is gone and it’s noisy all the time. The yard where the babies played while we worked inside, is gone. The charm of the office, the relaxed feeling we strive to create for our clients has now vanished. And there’s a layer of grime that settles on everything inside the office within a couple hours of dusting — every time.

Getting away to the farm is healing.

A Beautiful, Unexpected Surprise

Saturday night, I stood on the front porch and was awed (once again) by the plethora of stars above. So many, so beautiful. The heavens were black and studded with sparkles and the air was crisp and crystal clear. No clouds, no light pollution, no air pollution… just breathtaking Majesty.

Then I looked down and noticed that the ground was lighting up randomly, here and there, with glow worms. I sat down on the swing and rocked and looked first up to the stars and then down to the earthly counterpart. It was kind of awesome… like having stars above and below.