Beware the Flying Brisket! Keeping it Classy in Danville

Flying Brisket in Danville Kentucky So, this weekend there was a festival in Danville and I’m pretty glad I wasn’t in the state at the time. After all, they were throwing briskets in anger downtown. Well, maybe only ONE brisket was hurled, but still. Dang. Seriously?

I just hope the woman hit by the flying, hot and spicy meat wasn’t seriously injured. That would turn this comedy headline into tragedy. The man who tossed it was arrested, which seems fitting, either way.

My mother must have taught me at some point not to throw my brisket at people, even when I’m angry — because that’s simply not something I would have ever done. Hmmmm.

Anyway, I was thinking that perhaps someone should organize an annual brisket toss competition. It would help those quick-to-ire types, right? And what would be more fun than tossing a brisket for distance instead of AT someone?

Just sayin’

Pinkies up, Y’all. Keep on keepin’ it classy!

(And if you think you need to risk being smacked by a brisket to enjoy good barbecue, you would be wrong. The best barbecue in Kentucky, comes from Dave Kleckner of Nothing beats his skills and sauces. Nothing.)

Not only is Dave’s stuff safer — it’s tastier. 😉