A Little Wicked Music by Charles Cook

Charles Cook Music I was contacted by the talented Charles Cook to listen to some of his newly released music and offer an opinion. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I made no promises other than I’d listen.

Wow. I must say, I like his stuff! And he’s given me permission to share one of his songs in its entirety (and of my choosing) with my readers.

Although I liked all the songs on this album (yeah, seriously, every. single. one), I selected this one because of the trumpet and the reference to Laurel. It’s all about that brass, in this one 😉

Take a listen here to Fruits of the Laurel


If you want to hear more of his music (and you do!) visit him on his website: CharlesCookMusic.com and on Facebook. You can listen to another track, Lady, on his website.

Thanks for sharing your album with me, Charles. It’s in my permanent collection now 😉