WickedWriter Gets a Facelift!

Wicked Writer Website Design in Kentucky You know what they say about the barefoot nature of the cobbler’s children, right? Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling about WickedWriter. That website — the one that started me on my current path, the stepping stone for my entrepreneurial lifestyle — had been left fallow for far too long.

Busy, Busy…

I have been busy. Really busy. But it’s hard to tell clients what they need to do when my own site isn’t leading by example. But every time I saw my website, it hurt my heart. It was so out of date. It was so “five years ago” and it wasn’t even a responsive design!!! 🙁

Granted, when there was time to work on a website, I always worked on Cool Jazz client sites first. Not a bad thing, but still… so, part of what I did on the long holiday weekend (besides get some much-needed R&R) was to spruce up the old WickedWriter.com.

My New Website Design is Personal

I love that my favorite pen (a Namiki Radon) graces the header now. I’ve moved away from the old quill and inkwell theme in the graphics to a more modern version of the classic fountain pen and refill ink in with the graphics. My current pen is the retractable-nib Namiki and that thing is PRETTY. It’s like jewelry, really. Fancy-fancy jewelry. And it writes like a dream.

I also eliminated the long-used black ink splash logo from WickedWriter. I plan to rework my WickedBlog logo soon — to be a more high-def version of the purple one that I had years ago and still love — but that will probably have to wait until we have another long weekend.

Taking Some Time Off Now

I can’t complain about business, it’s really good. We stay uber busy. But finally getting a weekend off — even if it was used to get my own site back in shape — sure is nice!

Steve says we are NOT working on Monday. *grin* We shall see. Who knows, I might actually get the logo for this blog reworked during my “down time” — since he doesn’t fuss at me if I’m doing something for myself. 🙂