Three Cool Things

Sometimes, when I’m out perusing the web, I find some of the COOLEST things. I thought that I’d take a moment and share three of those with you today.

The GobiGear Hobo Roll

Gobi Gear Hoboroll If you are trying to pack enough “stuff” to get by for a week of traveling, and don’t want to be burdened with a big suitcase, this may be your answer. Warning: Although this is supposed to hold everything, I’d carry a second bag with any toiletries (that might be damaged by compression) and any electronics (for the same reason).

But how cool is this? If you lead a “simple” life and want to keep those simple clothes in a tiny amount of space to make adventuring more enjoyable, this may be what you have been seeking!

Vizio Remote by NPE

I love Vizio smart televisions, probably because I despise cable television and the only “pubic” television I like to watch is MeTV (which is a bunch of old series from my youth before television got so stupid and did things like introduce “reality” television). I like to pick and choose my entertainment. I use Netflix, Amazon Prime, our own media server on our private network and, on occasion, I tolerate Hulu’s commercials to see more recently released episodes — when I just can’t wait.

Today I found a great little FREE app for these televisions. Now, even though the dog chewed up the back of our remote (when she was a puppy) and my man likes to lose every remote in the house and replace it with a “universal” remote (that I can never quite figure out how he’s got it set up to use)… I have a remote that works. It looks just like the one that came with the TV and I know how to operate it. Love this little app — and it’s FREE!

The Hive Concept

Basically, the “Hive” concept is popping up in larger cities as a way for start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers to have a works pace on the cheap. This work space includes different amenities, depending on the location, but usually offers basic business equipment, unlimited high-speed Internet, desk space and meeting room space. Some have many more perks.

Rather than costing a small fortune to have a “real” space where you can meet with clients and fellow entrepreneurial spirits — these spaces are usually quite affordable. (We are talking $100 a month or less for starters in most instances.) If this is something you might want to explore, Google “the Hive office space” and your city name. Good Luck!