Wicked Review of the Motorola Droid Turbo

Wicked-Review-Droid-Turbo-Motorola First, let me admit that I love Motorola phones. I loved my Droid before I fell in love with my Samsung Note 3. I loved the way my droid would pick up signals where no other phone could. I just LOVE that about Motorola. This phone is no exception. Great antenna. Better than my Samsung.

The Droid Turbo runs KitKat (Android 4.4.4) — just like my Galaxy Note 3 — instead of the new Lollipop release. I’ll admit, I was hoping it would have the newest OS so I could play with that a bit. Also, this phone is a Verizon exclusive. (Sorry AT&T / Sprint / T-Mobile customers.)

The Screen

The Turbo has a great screen. Pretty. Crisp. Not as big as I like my phone to be (I’m really spoiled now) but still a respectable5.2″. The display is Quad HD and has 565 pixels per inch. For comparison, my daily use phone — the Note 3 — has 385 PPI. Until I reviewed this phone, I was TOTALLY happy with my Samsung’s display quality. Now, I want more. Visually, in layman’s terms, games, videos, photos and the like look REALLY good on this little phone!

The Muscle

The phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-Core processor which makes it (pardon the pun) pretty snappy. I like the Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-Cores, it’s what I’ve carried for a while now, but mine is a 2.3 gHz and this one is a 2.7. It has three GB of Ram on board, too.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t loaded it up with all the apps and junk that I carry on my daily use phone, maybe it’s because it’s just that much faster, but I love the quick response of this device.

The Battery

Best. Power. System. Ever. I love that the long-lasting battery (3900 mAh) takes only minutes to charge. LOVE that! I’m always burning up my phone and having a quick-charge option is wonderful. I like that once I do charge it, it lasts for a good long time — even when I am running multiple apps, have it on wi-fi and am downloading stuff.

The quick charge requires the branded charger that comes with the phone (but you can get extras — they are just expensive at $35).

The Camera

A 21MP camera on board is pretty sweet, and blows my current 13 MP photos out of the water, but the selfie-cam is a 2.0 MP, which has been the standard for awhile now. I like the layout of the built-in camera app – it captures by tapping the screen. I despise having to push a specific button in a specific location to take a photo. I like the slide out settings that are quick and easy to access with out getting in the way of taking the photos.

It’s responsive. Maybe my current phone is all loaded up with so much crap at this point (yes, I really need to wipe it and give it a fresh start!) but I find the Droid camera really fast on the capture. Maybe it’s the f2.0 aperture that makes that my reality. I can’t stand taking a photo and then having to stand still and hold it while the phone “processes” it because moving during that time means you have smeared photos of the floor or a random wall. I want to snap, capture and move on — and Droid Turbo lets me do just that… most of the time. I did have a few fuzzy photos, even with the touch to focus quick-snap.

Dual LED flash. Now that’s nice for grabbing pics when the conditions aren’t ideal. And the ability to wrist-flick to bring up the camera app and take a selfie with a voice command is kinda sweet too. (Now I’ve got to find a way to set my own phone to “flick” for photos… because that’s too nice NOT to have!) There’s gotta be a way. I hate putzing with my phone while the moment is evaporating on the photo I wanted to capture. I’m not impatient, I just want it NOW. That’s all.

The Extras

I find that the voice control is pretty sweet. I like that I can SET the code for waking up the phone to whatever I want, so I don’t have to remember what the manufacture THINKS I should say to wake it up. This also eliminates having one person in the room voice activate THEIR phone and also activates mine. That drives me nuts. Totally unacceptable technology behavior. I used “Go Droid Go” because it was cute and reminded me of Mr. Gadget. 🙂 It worked seamlessly.

It has the Kevlar. I miss that. I miss the texture and the look and the feel of the Kevlar from my old phone. Maybe it protects me and my technology — maybe it’s a placebo — either way, I like it. It’s available in Black and in Red. Purple Kevlar would be even better, just in case any designers are listening…

The phone advertises nonocoating water protection. I didn’t (thankfully) find myself testing this feature.

Disclaimer: From time-to-time Verizon sends me a phone to review. I review the good, the bad, and the ugly to the best of my ability and provide an honest, hands-on review of all devices. I am not compensated for my reviews and never compromise my integrity, or the integrity of my blog, while writing reviews. If I don’t like it, you know it. If I love it, you know it. If it’s “meh.” you know that too.