My Insurance Agent Has a Grand Opening in Danville, Kentucky!

When Steve and I started designing websites for clients, we agreed that we would limit our clients to those who had the same philosophy for excellent service and genuine care for their customers as we have for ours. We wanted to help people with an old-fashioned approach to excellent service succeed in this modern world of digital marketing and internet-based commerce.

I must say, it was a wonderful decision!

Aside from making our working day more enjoyable (it’s always better to work with clients you absolutely love!), it brought us the unexpected benefit of taking our own business to better providers.

For instance, I had been with the same insurance agent for over 32 years for my car insurance. As the rates went up every year for no particular reason (no accidents/no claims) the  quality of my personal service went down. I became disenchanted. (That less-than-stellar insurance provider was Liberty Mutual Insurance out of Lexington, Kentucky, in case you were wondering.)

When Lynn Tye purchased an existing insurance agency in Danville and came to talk to us about rebranding, we saw that she was as customer-centric with her approach to business as we were with ours. Not only was she all about offering the best insurance service around, she also had the best insurance prices in Boyle County, KY.

So, while I worked with her on rebranding her insurance agency and on building her website to be the best insurance website in Danville, she took care of me by offering better coverage than what I had at my previous insurance company — at a savings of over $200 per year! Aside from the excellent service and the lower prices, I like knowing that I have a real, live person in my corner poised to help me if something horrible ever happens. That gives me “peace of mind” that I never had with my old insurance company.

Yesterday, Lynn officially launched Blue Moon Insurance with a grand opening celebration and a ribbon cutting ceremony. So, if you live in Central Kentucky and need the best insurance at the lowest prices from an agent who offers exceptional service — give Lynn Taylor Tye a call.

Lynn Taylor Tye Cuts the Ribbon at the Grand Opening for her Danville, KY Insurance Agency.
Lynn Taylor Tye Cuts the Ribbon at the Grand Opening for her Danville, KY Insurance Agency. If you look in the back, you can see Steve! He tried to hide, but failed! 🙂

She also offers hard to secure insurance (like homeowners insurance for people using wood stoves), which I’ll be securing with her as soon as we add the wood stove to the cabin (hopefully early next year).

Oh, and check out her new insurance website (and tell me what you think). It’s not a run-of-the-mill insurance agency presence. It’s not your father’s website 😉

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