Real Estate: 5 Reasons You Need a YouTube Channel

Using YouTube for Real Estate
Using YouTube for Real Estate

As a real estate agent, you probably already know how important video is — and how powerful it can be in your marketing efforts. You may already be doing virtual tours and uploading those to your website. But are you using YouTube? You should be. Here’s why:

1. It’s Easy to Create a YouTube Channel

Google has simple instructions to lead you through developing a YouTube channel for your business. You need a YouTube channel to upload all your videos.

2. It’s Good for Your Marketing

This will give you a great incoming link to your website from a high ranking site. You will develop a “presence” on this popular platform and having a site will encourage you to look for opportunities to utilize that channel and create more video. Video searches are turning up high in standard Google searches.

3. It will Improve Your Website’s Performance

Hosting videos on YouTube eliminates the bandwidth issues (and expense) of hosting video on your own site. It will keep things optimized for video and “snappy” in response for your viewers.

4. You can Brand It

Don’t simply throw up a channel — use this as an opportunity to extend the reach of your branding by creating a marketing “arm” on this popular platform. For those who discover your videos before they learn about you, the channel will lead them to your website.

5. It’s a Popular – and DEAD Simple – Way to Deliver Information

Even people who may not take the time (or want to expend the energy) to read an article will watch a video. Let’s be honest… all they have to do is push a button and passively absorb. This may not be the goal of your marketing, you may prefer an active participant — but getting their attention is imperative as a first goal — and starting slowly is better than not starting at all.

This platform is popular enough that many people are using it as a search engine these days… so many in fact, it’s being called “The World’s Second Biggest Search Engine.”

So if you don’t have a presence there, you are losing a massive opportunity to reach your desired audience.

If you have questions about search engine optimization for your website, contact me. If you have comments about your experiences on YouTube — share them!