Why Connect Your Blog To Social Media?

Blogs and Social Media: Keep your marketing afloat
Social Media Keeps Your Blog Aloft. You need your marketing to include your website, blog and social to compete in today’s business arena.

I’ll be appearing on a blogging panel for the Bluegrass Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America tomorrow — Yay!

But, there’s no way I can share all the resources new and intermediate bloggers will need in the short amount of time we will have. So… I’m sharing some of this information on my WickedBlog today to help all those bloggers and any would-be-bloggers in my wicked readership!

Are Websites and Blogs Dead?

I had someone tell me recently that social media has replaced having a website and that blogs are no longer important. I call BS on that one. Why? Because blogs and websites are the anchors to which the lofty, popular, social media balloons are attached. Without that foundation, they would just float away.

Social media is also a platform of immediacy — and can have amazing results (think of viral posts!) but like the helium that keeps any balloon afloat, it dissipates. Social media deflates quickly and is soon forgotten. The good stuff gets lost in the graveyard of ancient feeds. If you don’t stay active in social media, constantly releasing new balloons, you will get buried there. Only fresh content survives — and only briefly.

Social Media – Use It!

Websites and blogs create and define a business, an individual (or company), and their brand. Social media platforms don’t define it — they showcase it, highlight it, and entice people to discover it.

With that said, blogging or running a website without using social media to bring people to your party is… well… insane. It’s like working really hard on a product and creating a perfect one, but then refusing to advertise it — and asking the few clients you DO find to not discuss it or tell anyone about it.

Your business is NOT the Fight Club

You should talk about it. You should encourage discussion among others. Everyone who touches your brand should discuss it openly and often. You should — from day one — build a strong business foundation and a adopt a proactive service philosophy to ensure that what people say about you is positively glowing — so their comments will encourage others to discover you and become impromptu evangelists for your products or services.

A Few Social Media Statistics

Some businesses will keep their website up-to-date and will even blog, but they draw the line at diving into social media. It’s time-intensive (especially at first) and they don’t want to invest the man-hours to do it in-house or the money to have someone else help them do it.

While doing some “up-to-the-minute” research on the statistical side of social media, for my presentation tomorrow, I found the following interesting information about my favorite social media platforms. Let me share these with those of you who think this “social media” thing is merely hype and won’t really matter in the long run:

Linked In

This business-centric social network has grown tremendously in the past year. It now boasts over 300 million users, 48% of which (according to a recent poll) spend 2+ hours a week on the site. And the fastest growing demographic (students and recent graduates) comprise 39 million of those users.


This platform may have been abandoned by many of the younger set (except for communicating with the parents and grandparents, of course), but there are still over 1.317 billion users — yes BILLION. And 829 million of those are active daily users! The average user spends 40 minutes per day on Facebook and 654 million of those users are mobile users, so it’s always with them.


Twitter has 271 active monthly users with over 500 million tweets going out on the average day. 78% of Twitter users are engaging from a mobile device.


70 million users strong, this female-preferred platform (80% of users are women), is gaining serious traction in the web-centric demographic — a group that is harder to reach by traditional marketing methods.

This pretty site of eye-candy taps the younger market beautifully with 35% of their users being age 15-29 and another 28% falling into the 30-39 year-old category.

This group also has 9% more disposable income than non-users. Over 18% of their users make $75K+ per year and they say they would rather be on Pinterest than read magazines (49%), peruse catalogs (43%), visit ecommerce sites, watch TV, or participate in other social media outlets —  and a whopping 39% of the Pin-folk use Pinterest as a general search engine!

And is this important for your blog? Well… the most popular destination from Pinterest is blogs — which represents a 54% market share of the landing sites resulting from clicks inside the Pinterest universe. So you be the judge of if this platform will make a difference in your blog’s traffic.

I can tell you that I get nearly 10% of my new users each month on LivingSmall.com from social media referrals (69% comes from organic search) and here on WickedBlog (with organic search providing 58% of my overall monthly traffic) over 6% of my blog’s traffic comes from Pinterest referrals alone.

Other Social Media Platform Market Shares

  • Instagram – 200 million users
  • Google+ 300 million active users
  • Tumblr 194.6 million users
  • Vine – 40 million users
  • YouTube – 1 Billion Users with over 5 Billion videos watched per day!

So, if you think it’s not important to use social media to drive traffic to your website and to share information from your blog — scroll up and review those numbers again!

Then, take just a few minutes to recognize the magnitude of the market share represented by video — and make the decision to start using it on your blog.

I’ll lead by example and have the presentation I’m participating in tomorrow video taped (Thanks, Steve Knight!) so I can use it on my YouTube Channel and here on WickedBlog!

How are you going to boost YOUR blog?