In Praise of “Mom” Jeans

I love mom jeans! I started this particular blog topic some time ago, in direct opposition to the proliferation of crack I see displayed out in public lately. I’m so sick of seeing it. Honestly. Enough, already.

Just Say No to Crack

I started this post (although it was left in draft mode for months) because I wanted to tell my eye-rolling teenage daughter that it’s not attractive to wear pants down so low that “muffin tops” are formed on even those ladies that are of proportional weight. It’s not sexy to show butt-crack. I want to tell her that girls today no longer have a “waist” line. Instead, they have a “cut in” area just at their hips (or lower) and that it makes them funny-shaped.

She’s Not Convinced

I want to advocate the “high-waisted” styles that I wear, have always worn, will always wear, because they are more comfortable — they don’t require constant manual adjustment, and they are more flattering.

I tell her all this. She rolls her eyes more and tells me how old fashioned I am, how “out of step” I am with “fashion” and that I need to get some proper jeans.


All this has gone on for two years. The back and forth, the opposing stance on the best jeans styles… until this summer. During break this summer, my daughter tells me that the latest look in jeans are super-high waists, she waxes poetic about how cool they are and how comfortable they are. She would like me to buy her a pair.

And now, it’s time for me to roll my eyes. (And grin to myself where she can’t see… because I win!)

Finally! 🙂