Social Networking Preferences

Social Media 101: An Overview This week, a client asked me to give them a quick Social Media 101 overview. I thought I’d share my response with WickedBlog’s readers:

Which social network you use is dependent on your reason for wanting a social network and your age and your career.

  1. If you want to network with potential employers and career-peers, LinkedIn is the way to go.
  2. If you are “middle aged” and want a social network where you chat, tell jokes, and keep up with people you have previously lost contact with — or with whom you want to prevent losing contact, I’d say Facebook is your best bet. The kids abandoned it some time ago, and usually only keep an account to stay in touch with their “elders.”
  3. Google+ is like a bridge between the LinkedIn and Facebook option. Although it is supposed to be a Facebook alternative, it’s not really taken off. The uptake has improved since every Android user and gmail user is now “automagically” signed up for it — like it or not! It’s less “drama-filled” than Facebook, but less “professional” than LinkedIn.
  4. If you are a teenager, SnapChat is the flavor of the week — but it may change next week.
  5. Instagram has appeal for teenagers as well as older users — in particular for those who like to capture life and share it in photos.
  6. Twitter simply baffles me. Sure I have an account, but it’s like flash fiction (which I adore) in that it must be 140 characters or less. You have all types on Twitter. ALL types. (It’s not my favorite, but as a marketer, I — of course — have an account that gets an occasional update.
  7. Pinterest – one of the most effective ways to share information to people you may or may not know. It’s a visually based collection of bulletin boards on a given topic. It’s a good way to promote blog posts, products (carefully) and services (if you are willing to share your know-how).
My personal favorites are Pinterest and Facebook — in that order. I have accounts on all platforms (other than SnapChat which I find too unsavory for words.)
Now, what are YOUR favorite social media platforms and why?