Mrs. Betty’s Country Cooking is Better than OK

Betty's OK Country Cooking in Corbin, Kentucky

A treasure is sparkling just outside of Corbin, in Columbia, Kentucky. It’s a little country eatery called “Betty’s OK Country Cooking” and the food there… well, it’s just amazing!

When we discovered it, on a Saturday afternoon, we were looking for someplace interesting, different, and local for dinner. We hit the jackpot!

Outside of Betty's OK Country Cooking Interior-of-Betty's-Place

The country decor was warm, and the tables were full. Obviously, we weren’t the only ones that had discovered Betty’s little gem. After we went through the buffet (not an all-you-can-eat variety — but a single-trip type), and began to eat, I realized that the food reminded me of something… one of my family reunions!

In case you weren’t lucky enough to be born Southern, this place may be the only way for you to experience the joy of a Southern Family Reunion. It’s one of those awesome culinary events where all the best cooks (in a family full of amazing cooks) create their best dish and bring it to share. It’s a little competitive, to be honest — but that only makes the resulting fit-for-a-king spread that much tastier!

Everything we ate was absolutely delicious. Steve had the turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans and a side salad — and several other tasty tidbits. I had the hand-battered fresh catfish with home-made tartar sauce, three different kinds of salads (a pasta, a bean, and a fruit-based one) and carrots and beans and potatoes. Everything… absolutely EVERYTHING — even the cooked carrots (not my favorite dish) — was fantastic.

It was like having all the best parts of a Southern reunion (the fantastic food, someone fussing over if you have enough to eat and offering you more, and a warm atmosphere) without the bad parts like “Gee, I wish I could remember her name and how she’s related” and getting bear-hugs from uncles who still think of you as a 10-year old and ruffle your hair, annoyingly, just like they always have.

If you are lucky enough to make it to Betty’s OK Country Cooking and you manage to leave any room AT ALL in your tummy after the main course, be sure to try the “Sand Pie” — it’s an awesome bit of Southern magic in a pie pan. Seriously, it makes you want to hug yourself with every bite. (I shared the Recipe for Sand Pie here.)

Recipe for Sand Pie

And don’t do what I did — and plan to “share” it with someone you love. Things are liable to get ugly. 🙂

Betty of Betty's OK Country Cooking

Betty has been cooking at her diner for 25 years (next month, in December) and she’s a charming lady. We had the pleasure of taking with her while we were there. She’s sweet and modest and an absolute doll. It’s obvious that all the ladies working there (and the customers) find her as adorable as we did.

Oh, and did I mention what a STEAL the prices are? $7.75 for the buffet and the pie was under $3!!! (I just love sharing these amazing little Kentucky Backwoods finds with my readers.)

So if you want to enjoy this little treasure, you can, here’s the info:

Betty’s OK Country Cooking
2339 Campbellsville Road
Columbia, KY 42728

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